• We Are on a Mission To Save Lives

    Watch how we are trying to solve problem of
    emergency healthcare in india.

  • We Are on a Mission To Save Lives

    Watch how we are trying to solve problem of
    emergency healthcare in india.

  • We Are on a Mission To Save Lives

    Watch how we are trying to solve problem of
    emergency healthcare in india.



Let’s make emergency healthcare accessible and affordable


Together, we save more lives

Brief Information

People across the Globe lack accessibility to Quality healthcare at affordable prices.

VMEDO is an Emergency Healthcare ecosystem,working towards a vision that together we save more lives. We believe with technological innovation and Collaboration of purposeful individuals we can solve this problem.

Till now we've helped over 23000 during Medical Emergencies with Ambulances, Trained over 5000+ people in First aid and Medical Emergency response, Supplied over 1 million units of Medical Equipment from Face-masks to Ventilators across India.

We have one of the biggest Ambulance network in India with more than 2000 Ambulances

We have stores and distribution centers of about 500+ different medical equipment and surgicals. We also conduct EMS Training sessions and Workshops about Various Emergency related subjects such as BLS, ACLS and EVOC.

Since the last five years we have,

  • Improved the connectivity people had to ambulances with our centralized number

  • Reduced the cost of ambulance rides by 30% which has also limited the people getting exploited during critical times.

  • We have improved the response time by connecting the nearby ambulances with the help of our own Dispatch management system

  • We have improved the quality of ambulance services by training our pilots in emergency response

  • We have paved the way to efficient inventory utilization which has reduced the cost of ambulance rides.

Our Timeline

  1. 2015
    Started BloodForsure
    to solve blood
    accessibility problem
  2. 2016
    Renamed to VMEDO and
    started Ambulance
    service in Bengaluru
  3. 2017
    Built solid tech for Ambulance
    booking and Expanded our network
    and service to other Metro cities
  4. 2018
    Expanded our network
    to Tier 2 and Tier 3
    cities across India
  5. 2019
    Started VMEDO academy to
    skillpeople in Emergency
    Response Started VMEDO for
    corporates to make workplaces
    Emergency prepared
  6. 2020
    Started VMEDO store for
    support our network
    hospitals, corporates and Ambulances
    with right Medical supplies
    at affordable prices
  7. 2021
    Started Medical Emergency
    assistance on call
    under VMEDO connect brand

Our Footprints

  • Ambulance network spread across India
  • Hospital partners for Medical Emergency response in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka
  • Trainers and training partners in all metro cities
  • Channel partners/ franchise partners in different cities of karnataka

Our Team

We Work

We are a group of individuals who strive to save lives everyday, We work everyday to make sure someone somewhere got to live longer and see this beautiful creation a bit more.

Founding Team / Management Team

VMEDO CEO - Praveen Gowda

Praveen Gowda

CEO and Co-Founder

VMEDO CEO - darshanmk

Darshan M K

COO and Co-Founder

VMEDO Director - Karthik G M

Karthik G M


VMEDO Director - C N Gayitri Devi

C N Gayitri Devi


VMEDO Advisor - Dr Purushothama K R

DR Purushothama K R


VMEDO Advisor - Dr V L S Kumar

DR Prasanna Kumar S J


VMEDO Advisor - vmedo-academy-trainer-dr-pramodh-r-k

DR Pramodh R K           


VMEDO Advisor - K L Mukesh

K L Mukesh


VMEDO Advisor - Bhushan Krishnan

Bhushan Krishnan


VMEDO Advisor - Bhushan Krishnan

Anand Tandon


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