On Our Mission to

Save Life During Emergency


People lack timely emergency care globally


people die due to lack of proper first aid in India


Emergencies per day in India


Ambulance demand supply ratio


Units of blood shortage every year in India

" These were not just the numbers for us , infact a motivation to build VMEDO "

People, as Our Motivation

When a person suffers fatal injuries in a road accident or when he collapses on the road due to heat stroke or cardiac arrest, it is the people around who tend to help the aggrieved. These Samaritans are our motivation. With VMEDO, we are trying to equip them with the power to save lives!

Using the VMEDO mobile application, Website or Helpline number:08067335555, one can book the nearest ambulance and look for the nearest health care facility, which is made possible by the GPS technology.

By virtually connecting this 'holy triad' of the Patient, the transport vehicle and the health care facility, we aim to build the most reliable Emergency Medical Response network, which is not only accessible to all, but also affordable to the common people.

Our Vision

" To build the world's most reliable emergency response network "


VMEDO is a team of young, passionate soldiers backed by some of the experienced and socially responsible mentors. When the aim is to build the world's best network of Emergency Medical Response, it requires an extraordinary commitment to achieve it. VMEDO is fortunate to have a dedicated bunch of individuals for whom 'time' is never a constraint and the term "work pressure" has never crossed their minds.

We are not a team because we work together. We are a TEAM because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Be a part of our army

We always welcome people who are passionate to serve the mankind with their skill set and willing to take a part in our journey to save thousands of life during emergency.Explore Our Careers Section to See If There's a Role That Excites You


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