How To Perform CPR on Adults & Kids ?

How To Perform CPR on Adults & Kids - VMEDO

CPR is an emergency lifesaving procedure useful in heart attack, drowning conditions where someone’s breathing, or heartbeat has stopped. It’s far better to do something in emergencies to save a life than doing nothing. Your effort of doing something could save someone’s life. Some useful tips to perform CPR: If you are not trained in […]

First Aid For Diabetic Emergency

First Aid for Diabetes

Most patients manage their diabetes with balanced diet and/or self-administered insulin. But there are some conditions, where patient need urgent first aid. 1. If the patient is unconscious, call Emergency medical services immediately. And never try to give anything to eat or drink if he is unconscious. 2. While waiting for help, check their breathing, […]

First Aid For Head Injury

sample headinjury

For any moderate to severe head injuries call for medical help right away. While waiting for medical ambulance follow these first aid steps. 1. Treat any possible wounds: Use a clean pad & press firmly over the wound to avoid loss of blood for at least 10 minutes. Cover the wound with bandage. Use disposable […]

First Aid for Epilepsy/Seizures


1. If the person is falling down at the beginning of the seizure, try to prevent the injury as she falls. Note the time seizure started. 2. Move objects that are dangerous away from them. And do not move the victim while she is having seizure. 3. Loosen any tight clothing like a tie, belt […]