6 Things To Know Before Calling Emergency Ambulance Helpline

Most people will call Emergency medical helpline/Ambulance service only a few times during their lifetimes. Having the necessary information before calling Emergency Ambulance helpline will help them in sending you the appropriate help say first aid res ponder, ambulance service, doctor, nurse quickly. It can be a frightening moment, but few prior precautions that might […]

Facts One should Know About Workplace Emergency Response Plans

Tips For Workplace Emergency Response Plans- VMEDO

An emergency is a situation that can happen to anyone, anywhere at any moment that poses risk to health, resources and environment. Workplace Emergencies may be natural or man-made and they include the following: Floods Hurricanes Fires or Flammable materials Toxic gas releases Toxic Chemical spills Radio-logical accidents Explosions Civil disturbances. The best way to […]

VMEDO- Global Emergency Ambulance Service in a Click of Button

Global Ambulance Service app - VMEDO

Lakshmi, a house wife in Bangalore called for an ambulance service, when her pregnant daughter prema sustained abdominal pain. After waiting for 1 hour 15 minutes when ambulance services still hadn’t arrived through Bangalore’s high traffic roads, finally they decided it would be better to take their daughter in an auto-rickshaw than waiting for an […]