Why People With Tattoos Can’t Donate Blood?

Why People With Tattoos Can't Donate Blood- VMEDO

Blood donation is a life-saving act which helps in improving one’s health condition.  Anyone who gives blood during emergency are applauded for their selfless act that has the ability to enhance the lives of up to three recipients at a time.

But there may be reasons wherein you will be denied of an opportunity to donate blood to their own family during emergencies and the reason is “shocking”.

The reason for this is their “new tattoo” that can affect the blood donation.  The reason for this denial is a precaution against cross-contamination & diseases like hepatitis, HIV etc. For this reason Blood banks recommend waiting of 6 to 12 months to allow the tattoo’s design to properly heal.

It is always important to check that the artist uses sealed needles before getting any work done mainly to avoid blood borne diseases which may spread by needles. The blood donated by such people carries the risk of being infection & other diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and in rare cases HIV. Studies have revealed that there are 10-30 per cent chances of transfusion of hepatitis B virus infection through infected needles.

And in many of the blood banks, a tattoo is acceptable in blood donation if it was applied by a state-regulated or from licensed tattoo shop using sterile needles and ink that is not reused.

Many people are in misconception that after getting a tattoo, you can’t donate blood for lifetime which is not true. After getting a tattoo, you cannot donate blood, but only for a limited time which varies from country to country like in India you cannot donate blood for 6 months and once u finish it, if you are a healthy person, you should consider donating blood on a regular basis & can save lives.

Eligibility to Donate Blood:

  1. Any donor, who is healthy, fit and not suffering from any communicable diseases can donate blood on regular basis.
  2. Donor must be at least 18 years age and having a minimum weight of 50Kg to donate blood.
  3. A donor can donate blood, once in 3 months. This means there should be a minimum gap of 120 days on your last donation of blood.
  4. Pulse rate must be between 50 to 100 mm without any irregularities.
  5. BP Systolic 100 to 180 mm Hg & Diastolic 50 to 100 mm Hg.


  1. Donors should not suffer from HIV+, hypertension. Cardiac arrest, epilepsy or diabetics.
  2. If donor has been treated for malaria should avoid blood donation for next three months.
  3. If donor consumed alcohol within the last 24 hours before blood donation.
  4. Medical treatments like acupuncture, ear piercing & tattoo are also not eligible for few limited period.
  5. Donor should wait for 12 months after receiving a blood transfusion from another person.
  6. Travelling to abroad make blood donors not eligible to donate blood for limited period of time.
  7. Dental procedures & other oral surgery should wait for few limited days.
  8. As for smoking, you shouldn’t smoke within the last 4 hours before blood donation.
  9. Donors with major surgery should wait at least 6 months and 2 months for minor surgery for your next blood donation. And this may vary based on the type of surgery you undergone.
  10. Four months after having an endoscopy.

Preparation to Donate Blood:

  1. Prepare yourself by having healthy enough fruit juice and water before you donate blood.
  2. Avoid donating blood in empty stomach. Eat three hours before your donation. Avoid fatty foods & Eat food which is rich in iron.

Post Donation Care:

  1. Have some rest for few minutes after donation. Do not drive after donating blood.
  2. Have some healthy food with high protein content & fruit juice with high sugar content which will help to rejuvenate the blood sugar back up.
  3. Do not consume Alcohol for next 8 hours after blood donation.
  4. Avoid going for heavy body workouts such as gym, dancing, running etc at least for next 24 hours of blood donation.

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