• Free Ambulance Subscription

    Safety of your family is our priority. Ensure a free Ambulance for serious medical emergencies.

  • Free Ambulance Subscription

    Safety of your family is our priority. Ensure a free Ambulance for serious medical emergencies.

  • Free Ambulance Subscription

    Safety of your family is our priority. Ensure a free Ambulance for serious medical emergencies.



With our 24x7 helpline, we help you with free ambulance service for serious medical emergencies.

Faster response time & Priority Access

With your medical information saved on our system, expect quicker response and avail priority ambulance allocation.

Quality Service at discounted rates

Get upto 20% discount on Non-emergency Ambulance Service for safe & sanitized vehicles with well-trained Ambulance pilots and paramedic staff*.

Why VMEDO Ambulance Subscription ?

The reason for more than 40% of the deaths after a road accident is due to delayed ambulance service. More than 50% of patients encountering an emergency like heart attack reach the hospitals late due to unavailability of ambulances!
"We want to change that!"
In a time when ambulances cost a fortune during an emergency, Jeeva Rakshak Foundation, which is well-known for providing critical care services at affordable prices for the common people, has chosen to partner with VMEDO to offer free and subsidized Ambulance services for the safety of your family.


  • Save the life of your loved ones during the “Golden hour” with assured ambulance service and a Call-to-wheel time of 10 mins*.
  • With over 2,500 ambulances onboarded on the VMEDO platform, ensure an ambulance service during any serious medical emergency at your place within minutes.
  • Crucial life saving inputs from the triage team and doctors during emergency ambulance dispatch as the patient’s medical information can be accessed.
  • Saved critical medical information along with the scene data captured by our paramedics will be shared with destination hospital who will coordinate with the hospital and keep them ready for Emergency Response.
  • Priority positioning of fleet and dispatch based on the location of the subscriber base.
  • Free ambulance service to the nearest hospital Emergency room within 4 km of the place of patient pickup for all serious medical emergencies.
  • Get priority booking advantage and discounts on all non-emergency ambulance trips.
  • Unlimited access to our free webinars on emergency preparedness and first aid training programs handled by experts.

How does the subscription work ?

How does the subscription work ?


Terms and conditions

  • A total of 5,000 subscriptions are up for grabs in select locations of Bengaluru on a first come first serve basis.
  • A maximum of 3 subscription cards can be issued for one registered phone number (primary contact). The subscription and availing of free Ambulance services is non-transferable i.e., one subscriber cannot book an ambulance for another subscriber.
  • Validity per card is for 3 months. The free ambulance subscription and discount on ambulance services will be effective only after 1 week from the date of issue.
  • The free ambulance is applicable only for critical emergencies which need admission in the emergency department of a medical facility and fall under the “Golden hour” principle. Such medical conditions are Road accidents, Heart attack, Cardiac arrest, Stroke, Severe bleeding, Severe burns, Choking and Epilepsy. All the other medical conditions will fall under the non-emergency category.
  • The ambulance service on emergencies can be availed for a total distance of 4 kilometers from the place of patient pickup within the jurisdiction of Bengaluru. For any further usage, standard charges with 20% discount will be applied.
  • Discounts on non-emergency ambulances are applicable for regular hospital visits, discharges, dialysis visits, dead body transportation, freezer box within the jurisdiction of Bengaluru.
  • Ambulance service is subjected to the availability of ambulances in the locality.
  • VMEDO is not obligated to provide services under circumstances that fall under the Force Majeure clause.
  • VMEDO reserves the right to alter or pull back this scheme at any given point of time without any notice to the subscriber.
*paramedic staff - Can be provided on-demand and will be charged extra as per the standard rates.
*Call-to-wheel time of 10 mins - The time required to assign an ambulance may vary depending on the availability.

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