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21 Ways to prevent the spread of any Infection at your Workplace

A workplace should be one safe place where every employee can carefree come to work with no fears of catching any infection. Workplace ethics needs to be followed out of which one main ethic is to keep the workplace clean, sanitized, and of course free from any infections and viruses as this is one basic human right of every employee working there and even the employers.

Ensuring a clean workplace can make the spread of infection reduce to bare minimum and there will be fewer risks of any transmission of virus or the pathogens as infections are caused by microorganisms that can enter our body and make it weak.

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Infections and viruses can be transferred from one place to another and from person to person via many ways some of which includes:

1) Breathing in airborne pathogens: Whenever we cough or sneeze without covering it, we release many pathogens and viruses into the air which can be then inhaled by others, and thus transmission of a virus can take place.

2) Skin/ Direct contact: The pathogens can spread from touching or direct contact or sharing personal belongings of the person who is already sick and has the virus.

3) Touching contaminated food items or other material: Personal hygiene and cleanliness is a must to avoid the spread of infections through this mode. If the hands are dirty, they can spread pathogens present in feces or any other surfaces directly to the food or personal belongings.

4) Through washrooms and unhygienic conditions in there, the spread of infections can happen.

Now, this transmission and spread of pathogens have to be minimized to make the workplace a safe place to work and one should keep in mind that a clean workplace is the responsibility of everyone, so everyone working there should contribute their bit to keep it clean and sanitized besides from the efforts made by the employer of the workplace overall.

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Here are some ways to protect the workplace:

1) Each employer and employee should understand their key roles in achieving it and thus should make sure that they are self-immunized to any communicable or infectious diseases.

2) They can wash hands at regular intervals and keep them dry.

3) Personal Hygiene can help people go a long way from keeping the workplace safe as each measure taken help.

4) Avoiding coming to the workplace if severely sick so to prevent the others from catching the infection through air or water transmission and can be followed well by the employees.

5) Proper use of handkerchiefs or tissues while coughing or sneezing.

6) Proper immunization to health care and cleaning personnel’s as they might have been in contact with the infection.

7) Everyone can keep their personal space and tables cleaned once every while including the laptop or any other material they might have on their desk.

8) Ensuring regular cleaning of the workplace by the employer is a must as the workplace should be safe for people to work and it can minimize the spread of infection if any inside the workplace.

9) Clear disposal of waste in dustbins is must as tidy workplaces will have fewer infections to spread out from and the dustbins should always be covered.

10) Ensure good ventilation as closed spaces can be congested and can cause the infection to incubate and spread. So, instead, look for the proper functioning of air conditioning in the workplace.

11) Routine cleaning of regular contact points can be helpful as they will clear off any presence of the infection.

12) Use of hand sanitizers and soap can be promoted at the workplace to keep oneself sanitized well enough.

13) Use of rough, disposable cloth can be done which can be used to clean tables, desks, and personal belongings at the workplace.

14) Ensure that storage rooms, canteens, refuse areas, changing rooms are clean regularly as these are the most visited places at a workplace and infections start from a dirty environment only which can be unfit for humans.

15) Adhere to proper infection/exposure precautions if ill.

16) The employees shouldn’t share their material when ill or sick as they can have droplets transferred of the virus which can be spread and has to be prevented.

17) The air conditioning filters should be cleaned and filtered at regular intervals of time to avoid the accumulation of dust in there and pathogens will get a green signal to originate.

18) Hygienic and clean washrooms are a must for any workplace as these can be the hotspots for the spread of any virus/ pathogen.

19) Air purifiers can be used in closed areas to clear the bad and so that people inhale pure and fresh air.

20) Use of new technologies like covering your shoes when you enter the workplace with plastic or a reusable item so that no infection from outside is brought to the workplace and then those coverings can be removed when you go out. Such technologies can be a way out to prevent the spread of pathogens in the first place and will be trending in the coming days.

21) Promoting the use of gloves if possible at workplaces can also be a way out and can reduce transmission of the virus through contacts and touches.

If precautions are well taken and personal hygiene is maintained, a safe workplace free from infections can be ensured. To keep your workplace safe and free from Infections VMEDO is offering everything you need from Equipment, Ambulance connections, and Training programs.

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