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Ambulance service in Bangalore


In the vibrant city of Bengaluru, where life moves at a rapid pace, access to reliable emergency medical services and Patient transportation services is paramount. Ambulance services play a crucial role in bridging the gap between a medical emergency and timely care. If you are looking for a reliable Private Ambulance service provider in Bengaluru then you must call our Bengaluru Ambulance Helpline number: 9434180000

Benefits of VMEDO ambulance service 

  1. 24*7 Helpline: Trained executives  to book ambulance and support during ambulance transit 
  2. Quick Response: Our ambulances are strategically placed across all major areas of Bengaluru to achieve Faster response during Medical Emergencies 
  3. Quality care: well-maintained vehicles and equipment backed by the highly experienced medical team 
  4. Fixed tariff: transparent  and Fixed pricing model 

Types of Ambulance service in Bengaluru

In Bengaluru, as in many urban areas, there are various types of ambulance services designed to meet different medical needs. Here are some common types of ambulance services available in Bengaluru:

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance: Equipped with basic medical equipment, a BLS ambulance is designed to provide essential life-saving measures. It is suitable for transporting patients with non-life-threatening conditions or those requiring basic medical assistance.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance: ALS ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and trained personnel capable of providing a higher level of care. They are suitable for transporting patients with critical or complex medical conditions.

Neonatal Ambulance: Specifically designed for the transportation of newborns or infants who require specialized medical attention, neonatal ambulances are equipped with incubators and other necessary equipment for neonatal care.

Cardiac Ambulance: Designed for patients experiencing cardiac emergencies, cardiac ambulances are equipped with specialized equipment for monitoring and managing heart-related conditions. They may have advanced cardiac life support capabilities.

Air Ambulance: In certain cases, especially for long-distance or urgent transfers, air ambulances may be utilized. These are aircraft equipped with medical facilities and personnel to transport patients quickly over long distances.

Freezer Box Ambulance: Designed for the transportation of deceased individuals, a freezer box ambulance is equipped with a refrigerated compartment to maintain the body’s condition. It is used for the dignified transfer of deceased persons.

Patient Transport Vehicle:Patient transport vehicles are used for non-emergency medical transportation. They are suitable for individuals who require transportation to and from medical facilities for routine appointments or treatments.

Event Ambulance: Deployed during public events, festivals, or gatherings, event ambulances are equipped to handle medical emergencies that may occur in crowded settings.

Ambulance service cost in Bangalore

The ambulance service cost in Bangalore is around 800 to 4000 INR, Ambulance service charges depend on various factors including the type of vehicle, travelling distance and skilled manpower requirement during the patient transportation needs. 

Ambulance service type Approx cost for 10 to 20km Range

Basic Life support ambulance small – Maruthi ECCO

800 to 1500
Basic Life support ambulance Big – Tempo Traveller   1400- 2500
Advanced Life support ambulance 

2500- 4000

The above-mentioned cost is for the 10 to 20km range only, The cost will increase as the travel distance increases.

How to Book an Ambulance Service in Bangalore 

Booking your nearest ambulance in Bengaluru is easier and more convenient 

  1. Call the Bangalore Ambulance Helpline Number: 9343180000 or Book Online Here
  2. Trained executives will understand your requirements and dispatch the nearest and the most appropriate ambulance 
  3. An ambulance with all the required equipment and resources will reach the pickup location shared.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ’s) on Ambulance Service in Bangalore 

How to Book a Free Ambulance Service in Bengaluru?

To Book Free Ambulance service in Bengaluru call Govt ambulance helpline number 108/ 102 or Call 9343180000 if you are a subscriber of VMEDO to avail Free ambulance service benefits from VMEDO

Ambulance service number in Bengaluru?

Call the Bangalore Private Ambulance service number 9343180000 or call 108/102 to call govt ambulance service. 

How to Book a Private Ambulance in Bengaluru?

To book Private ambulances in Bengaluru call the Ambulance Helpline Number: 9343180000 or click here online. 

What is the emergency helpline number to request an ambulance in Bengaluru?

The  Govt emergency helpline number in Bengaluru is 108 and 9343180000 is the Private Emergency Helpline number. Dialling this number connects you to emergency services, including ambulance assistance.

How quickly can an ambulance arrive in case of an emergency?

Response times may vary, but emergency ambulances strive to reach the location within the shortest possible time. Factors such as traffic conditions and the nature of the emergency can impact response times.

Can I request a specific type of ambulance based on the medical condition?

Yes, based on the medical condition, different types of ambulances are available, such as Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances. Communicate the nature of the emergency to the dispatcher to ensure the appropriate ambulance is dispatched.

Can I accompany a patient in the ambulance?

In most cases, one or more attendants can accompany a patient in the ambulance. However, it depends on the type of ambulance, the severity of the patient’s condition, and the policies of the ambulance service.

How to transport a dead body by air in Bengaluru? 

Read a step-by-step process to transport a dead body from Bengaluru to other states or other countries  

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