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Can we really burn fat by walking?


Can we really burn fat by walking?

This is a question that seems to go around in everyone’s mind.

Yes, walking does help in reduction of fat by burning calories. This process is rather made complete with staying hydrated and sticking to a regular eating habit.

Most of us who are on the heavier side of the weight spectrum when in comparison with the body mass Index or the BMI, tend to first think of walking as the first line of defense in our voyage to a leaner and fitter self.

Firstly what does walking do to make your body fitter?

Walking is just like any other exercise and most importantly this can be followed by almost all age groups and have similar effects. Walking early in the morning increases the absorption of natural oxygen content to the body. The air rich in oxygen makes the mind and body feel fresh throughout the body.

Walking is the perfect remedy for all those who are tired at the office, have frequent body aches that irk you at the office. It is a natural stress buster that gets the blood flowing to all parts of the body, giving the almost rusty muscles a good workout that can make them work in a perfect harmony. It also helps our skin with the egestion of water and other salts via perspiration, cleaning the pores in the skin and making them feel a lot younger.

Walking gives us a fresh start to the day since there is a release of the happy hormone in our body while walking. It makes the day have a perfect start.

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How to stick to a routine?

It is not going to work out if your walking plan is as sporadic and unpredictable as Bangalore rains. One needs to stick to a clear schedule.

Try and keep your schedule for at least 21 days and keep a count of the steps that you walk. Increase the number of steps that you are walking each day since taking too much of a workout all at once can make the body stiff and unreactive.

Keeping a count of the number of steps that you have walked is a wonderful indication to the calories you have burnt, it is best to keep a track of the same with the VMEDO app.

The VMEDO app helps you in keeping a track of your walking routine, this application considers the data from the number of steps walked got through the google fit band and then calculates the calories burnt in the entire process, this application also gives you an advantage with keeping yourself hydrated, a reminder and a count to know how much water is consumed per day. Walking is an important way to burn fat and get fitter, staying hydrated too is an absolutely important step in the process of losing weight and keeping the overall health of the body intact.

The app also has a feature that lets you calculate your Body Mass Index based on your height and weight. This app is the perfect partner for you to start and continue your plans of getting leaner and fitter and lose the treasure around your waist.

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