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Certified First Aid training in Kochi

Since you have come this long looking for a first aid training in Kochi, we would like to commend and appreciate you first, as you have taken the first step to save a valuable life. Medical emergencies can hit you or anyone of your loved ones anytime without warning. Instead of blaming your fate for such a situation, with the right knowledge and skills, you have the power and opportunity to avert a disaster by administering proper first aid to the victim. The best way to acquire these skills is to get trained and certified in first aid. For expert-led, hands-on, and engaging certified first aid training in Kochi, contact VMEDO.

Yes, we already know that any victim of a medical emergency and trauma may require first aid, but why would someone need to get certified to provide First aid? You may have this question.

To be really blunt, as much as first aid can save a life, it can even take a life too!

No need to be alarmed. We only mean to say that, when the right first aid is not administered, or if the wrong first aid techniques are provided, the chances of the victim losing his life are higher. For example, when a person has collapsed and is unconscious, and the first aider starts CPR on the victim without checking his pulse or by ignoring the AVPU and ABC checks, the administered first aid can be life-threatening for the victim.

Hence it is vital to get the right training from the right instructors.

But how can you decide if the training is provided by a verified trainer and an authorized institution? For verified certificate training programs on first aid, you can trust VMEDO.

• VMEDO Academy is an authorized satellite training center for American Heart Association (AHA) through Manipal Hospitals.

• All the trainers of  VMEDO Academy are certified by AHA and/or ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and also have valuable experience in training thousands of people.

• Through  VMEDO Academy, more than 10,000 people have been upskilled with the right first aid training.

VMEDO First Aid training at a corporate

What are the various types of First Aid training programs being conducted?

ProgramDescriptionTime durationNumber of participants
First aid Awareness programThis module is designed to understand the importance of First aid, social responsibilities during emergencies, Good Samaritan law, and basic information about First aidDuration: 1 Hour  
Includes: No certificate  
Max: 100
Basic First aid Training(Most Popular)This module helps in understanding emergencies, theoretical knowledge and demonstration about performing basic FIRST AID, CPR, and an understanding of how to recognize & respond to a range of specific injuries and illnesses.Duration: 3 hours  
Includes: Certificate for participants, Organization certificate          
Min: 20Max: 30
Advanced First aid TrainingThis workshop is to provide the skill &knowledge required to assist a wide range of emergency situations. This includes Emergency FIRST-AID Response, Hands-on CPR and AED, and First aid techniques for various injuries and illnesses. Bandaging techniques and lifting techniquesDuration: 6 hours  
Includes: Certificate for participants Learning, kit, Organization certificate    
Min: 20Max: 30                        
First ResponderIt is a comprehensive course offering advanced FIRST AID, CPR, and AED skills for those typically designated as first aid attendants and health safety managers. The course covers a variety of topics from basic to advanced, sudden medical emergencies, and injuries to the head and/or spine including workplace emergencies. Bandaging techniques and lifting techniques. Emergency incident management and record-keepingDuration:  12 hours  
Includes: Certificate for participants, Learning kit, First aid kit, Responder badges, Organization certificate      
Min: 20Max: 30

Who all can get certified in First Aid?

Everyone needs to learn how to save lives, but there are some groups of people who must be certified. They are

If you are an HR personnel or from the Health & Safety department of an organization/company in Bangalore, you have a statutory requirement to organize a first aid training program and keep at least 10% of the employees first aid trained and certified. In that case, you can always rely on VMEDO for an expert-led, on-site, hands-on training program that can be customized as per your requirement.

Other places where First Aid Training Programs can be organized

What all are needed to conduct a First Aid training?

Book a certified First Aid Training in Kochi with VMEDO Academy and ensure the safety of your family, friends, and community. Contact VMEDO at +91-6364904226 or visit for more details.

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