How to setup Modular OT in India?

How to setup modular ot in India

What is a modular OT ?

A modular ot is an Operation theatre which consists of wall, ceiling and slanted panels which is capable of housing or incorporating electrical, medical gases, lighting gears and any other equipment needed for the operation.

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It is called a Modular OT since it is usually constructed by using steel and glass structures inside the hospital in the form of a module. It should have enough flexibility to accommodate any type of equipment needed for different operations.

Why do we need Modular OT ?

  1. Sterility : To have complete infection free cases
  1. Work-Flow Management
  1. Aesthetics – Pleasing work environment

Features of a Modular OT ?

Main systems of a Modular Operation theatre

Major components of Modular OT system

  1. The Wall and ceiling

A modular OT is a free standing structure constructed inside a hospital room. The panels of Modular OT are made of Steel or glass. A 200 micron  coat of anti-microbial paint is sprayed on the inside of the panels facing the OT table. 

All four corners of the room will have provisions for air duct. Sufficient room should be given inside the Operation theatre for easier operation procedure and the remaining space should be used for storage. The joints and cavities must be filled with epoxy and sanded flush to provide a joint less surface.

  1. Laminar air flow unit – Plenum

A Modular OT consists of a laminar air flow unit which supplies air into the Modular OT. Laminar flow is defined as the flow of fluid in which the entire flow is steady with uniform velocity in which the flow of lines is parallel to each other.

Laminar flow unit is used in Modular OTs 

  1. Light

Lights of a Modular OT are fixed to its ceilings. Clear and effective lighting is crucial to the operation. Integral lighting systems provide illuminations in excess of 1300Lux.

  1. Pendants 

Pendants are used in Modulat OTs for convenient positioning of Medical gas pipeline, Equipment and other tools. These are flexible enough to be fixed at variable heights and distances. 

Pendants provide,

  1. Hermetically Sliding  door

The use of hermetically sliding door is to maintain the correct air pressure inside the modular OT. Also Hermetically sliding doors use very less space compared to hinges or any other types of doors. The door should have rubber wheels and made to run on a nylon platform to reduce the abrasion. The doors can be either automatic with controls or manual. It should also be worked manually at the time of power failure.

  1. OT Control panel

OT Control panel is an electric control panel fixed to the wall of modular OT. Nearly 9 types of controls can be mounted on the panel. These controls include Medical gases, Medical equipment, Ventilation system etc…

  1. Anti-Static Flooring 

Anti-static flooring is used in industries where static can cause interference or damage to employees and/or equipment. Anti-static industrial floors inhibit the generation of electrostatic discharge or ESD, which is the pulse of static electricity that happens when a charged person or surface comes into contact with another object.

How to setup Modular OT in your hospital anywhere in India?

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