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Non-Emergency Ambulance Service in India


At-least-once in our lifetime; we have seen ambulances – while stuck in traffic on the way to work and gave it the right of the way, prayed for the safety of the person inside it.

Most commonly known use of the ambulance is in times of emergency medical transportation, i.e when an accident has occurred, the good Samaritan has done the work of a savior by being the first responder into this situation; performed the first aid, then called for an ambulance using the emergency hotline or contacted a private ambulance after searching online.

Imagine this situation, you call the ambulance network provider for an ambulance, the person on the other end asks;” what type of an ambulance is wanted?” if you are at your wit’s end, then it may be too late for the needed help to arrive in time.

 Did you know that there are many types of ambulances?

If you are looking bewildered and surprised, then count yourself amongst many people out there, who have no idea that there are other ambulances that exist. This article shall create awareness that such a system of ambulances do exist and purpose for which it can be used.

There are other types of ambulances that are used for a non-emergency purpose. Here is a list that explains further:

Air Ambulance

As the name indicates, these ambulances are state of the art and are used to transport patients from one hospital to another, this interfacility service is used when patients are not able to travel the long distances between two facilities that offer the treatment for them.

For example: An old couple from Hyderabad, needing a non-emergency surgery in Bangalore; they are not in a position to travel to Bangalore via bus, train; but need access to medical treatment – can avail this ambulance, wherein the bed-to-bed services shall ensure that a basic life services ambulance can safely transport them to the airport, where they are given special attention with medical staff being present in the flight for an emergency and another ambulance at the destination to take them to the facility for treatment.

Inter-facility transport

Inter-facility transport is made possible for patients who need to visit another facility to get treatment or another health check-up done. If the patient in hospital xyz needs a treatment or diagnosis that is specially and specifically available at another facility that is nearby, then this ambulance is used to transport them to the location for treatment.

Neo-natal ambulance

The neo-natal ambulance is another type of ambulance that is used when there is a need for transportation of the kids that are born premature or with birth defects; that need immediate attention elsewhere in another medical facility. This ambulance is equipped with a NICU or the neo-natal ICU that has the Ambu bag and other necessary equipment that is needed in case an emergency occurs. this is also used for interfacility medical transportation, these ambulances have had many success stories that have resulted in many lives being saved.

Basic life services ambulance

This ambulance is used to transport patients where there is no impending danger to their lives but their travel to the medical facility needs to be done in such a way that it can make it hassle-free. The ambulance equipped with basic equipment such as oxygen tanks, heart rate monitors etc.

For example: if a person is not in a position to move around after an accident, and their consultation is due in the hospital for regular check-ups, then it is possible to call the ambulance operators and ask for this ambulance for safe, secure and hassle-free medical transportation of the patient to the hospital. We may end up with further complications if non-trained personnel help them get to hospitals in cars, autos or other modes of transport.

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VMEDO helps you get access to all these ambulances with their fleet of ambulances that operate all over India. Their mission is to make health care and medical transportation in both the emergency and non-emergency conditions accessible to all. Booking an ambulance in case of an emergency or other use cases like the above scenarios; is made easy with VMEDO; All you need to do is call on their 24×7 pan-India helpline number 9343180000 and avail an ambulance.

So, the next time, you see a need for an ambulance – please do contact VMEDO helpline and get access to these non-emergency medical transportation services that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to book.

Be a good Samaritan and save lives and to share it with people who need to be made aware that such services to exist in India.

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