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Top 10 Oxygen Concentrators Available In India

top 10 oxygen concentrators available in india

If you are looking for Top 10 Oxygen Concentrators available in India, then you have come to the right place. To know more details about Oxygen Concentrators, call us at +917406000610 or mail us at

We have put together a list of top 10 Oxygen Concentrators available in India currently to help you find the best Oxygen Concentrators for your requirement. The list is not in any order of ranking.

ManufacturerModelProduct BrochureApprox.Price (INR)
Nidek NuvoNidek Nuvo LiteView Brochure₹ 60,000
Nidek Nuvo 10View Brochure₹ 1,18,000
Nidek Nuvo StandardView Brochure₹ 58,000
PhilipsPhilips Everflo 5LPMView Brochure₹ 59,000
DeVilbissDevilbiss 5 LPMView Brochure₹ 58,000
Devilbiss 10 LPMView Brochure₹ 1,15,000
OxymedOxymed mini 5 LPMView Brochure₹ 1,00,000
AirsepAirsep Intensity 10View Brochure₹ 1,80,000 
Airsep Freestyle 5View Brochure₹ 2,38,000
BPLBPL Oxy 5 NeoView Brochure₹ 65,000
Home MedixHome Medix HM SeriesView Brochure₹ 40,000
Dr MorepenDr Morepen OC-O2View Brochure₹ 50,000
OwgelsOwgels OZ5-01GW0View Brochure₹ 1,10,00
Owgels OZ5-01PW0View Brochure₹ 55,000
Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 (5L) View Brochure₹ 52,000
YuwellYuwell 9F-5AWView Brochure₹ 60,000
List of Top Oxygen Concentrators available in India

Note: The Prices are tentative and may vary.

Before diving into the list of Oxygen Concentrators available in India, let us understand the meaning of the Oxygen Concentrators.

For decades medical purpose oxygen was supplied at compressed gaseous state in cylinders. The process of extraction, compression and filling of oxygen into the cylinders as well as its transportation to hospitals is time consuming and expensive.

When COVID-19 outbreak was at its peak many hospitals faced the scarcity of the medical oxygen supply. Due to increase in demand prices of the oxygen cylinders also increased and  were unavailable to the patients who were under home quarantine. 

That was the time an urgent solution was required to overcome this difficult situation of high demand for medical purpose oxygen. Fortunately oxygen concentrator systems were already available in the market. 

Definition of Oxygen Concentrators 

As the name implies, an oxygen concentrator is a machine which increases the proportion of breathable oxygen in a targeted small chamber by extracting it from the surrounding air, then the oxygen from the chamber will be supplied to the patient through air circuits with reference to the preset flow control parameters.

Functioning of Oxygen Concentrators

The surrounding air that we breathe comprises 78% of nitrogen, 20% of oxygen and 2% other gases. Oxygen concentrators use aluminosilicate compounds in the form of small beads to absorb nitrogen from the normal breathable air.

Fig 1. Functioning of Oxygen Concentrators

Most of the oxygen concentrators use a small compressor to fetch air into the machine and this air is let to pass through filters where the dust and carbon gases are absorbed. After the filter with the help of an automated valve the air is alternatively made to pass through either of two small chambers containing aluminosilicate beads where most of the nitrogen gas is absorbed by the beads. Post bead chamber oxygen concentrated air is collected into a small tank to be supplied through outlet hose to the patient circuit through humidifiers.

The flow of the oxygen is electromechanically controlled either by the control knobs, buttons or touchscreen controls provided on in the machine.

Types of Oxygen Concentrators available in the market

Oxygen concentrator systems are very affordable, reliable and user friendly machines. They are available in various types based on the maximum flow rate of the oxygen which they can provide. This flow capacity varies from 0.5 l/m to 10 l/m. Conventionally most of the doctors suggest going for either 5 l/m or 10 l/m oxygen concentrators.

Most of the manufacturers provide oxygen concentrators with inbuilt humidifier bottles in order to maintain moisture in the oxygen to be supplied, if the humidifier bottle/chamber is not provided with the machine then an external humidifier must be used with the patient circuit in line. Some machines have two channels of 5 l/m oxygen outlets in order to connect to two patients at a time.

Most of the oxygen concentrators are portable and few are table top type. The heavier oxygen concentrators are provided with the lockable trolley wheels in order to have flexible movements in and around the hospitals and homes.

Applications of oxygen concentrators

Let us look at the top 10 Oxygen Concentrators Available In India in detail. Please note that the defibrillators are not listed in any order of ranking.

1. Nidek Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Medical India specializes in respiratory care and intensive care devices. We stand by our commitment to providing high quality medical products backed by efficient service. Since its inception in 1999, Nidek Medical India has established a brand name and a country wide presence. With over a hundred active distributors throughout the country, Nidek is amongst the leading solutions providers in respiratory and intensive care areas in India.

A. Nidek Nuvo Lite


B. Nidek Nuvo 10


C. Nidek Nuvo Standard


2 .Philips 

Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. The company is leader in diagnostic  imaging, image-guided therapy patient monitoring, and health informatics as well as in consumer health and home care.

Philips, is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation that was founded in Eindhoven in 1891. Since 1997, it has been mostly headquartered in Amsterdam, though the Benelux headquarters is still in Eindhoven. Philips was formerly one of the largest electronics companies in the world, but is currently focused on the area of health technology, having divested its other divisions.

A. Philips Everflo 5 LPM


3. Devilbiss

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory medical products that address the respiratory needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings.  Our primary product lines include sleep therapy, pulmonary drug delivery, stationary and portable supplemental oxygen, homecare suction devices, and ENT Professional instruments. 

DeVilbiss products are manufactured primarily in the United States and are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.  The company is currently headquartered in Somerset, PA in a 152,000-square-foot facility which houses manufacturing, distribution and warehouse space. 

 A. Devilbiss 5 LPM


 B. Devilbiss 10 LPM


4. Oxymed

Oxymed is India’s finest Pre-eminent hospital for Non-surgical treatments exclusively recognised for its non-invasive treatment methods. With an encompassing mission to provide ethical care and virtuous treatment without surgery or any other invasive method, Oxymed has been striving to its best.

A. Oxymed Mini 5 LPM


5. Airsep

Manufacturer of oxygen generating systems for medical and industrial applications. The company designs and manufactures stationary and portable oxygen concentrators for medical use, such as the ultra lightweight Focus, FreeStyle and VisionAire. It also provides air separation oxygen generation systems for industrial applications like Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) systems.

A. Airsep Intensity 10


B. Airsep Freestyle 5


6. BPL 

British Physical Laboratories. BPL was launched in 1963 by T.P.G Nambiar in Kerala’s Palakkad district and is currently Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

A. BPL Oxy 5 Neo


7. Home Medix HM

       Incorporated in the year 2004, Home Medix India Private Limited is a renowned name that is engaged in trading, importing and supply of Oxygen Concentrators, Compressor Nebulizers, Compact Compressor Nebulizers, Misty Neb, Air Beds, Water Beds, Pulse Oximeter and Latex Medical Examination Gloves. These instruments and equipment are appreciated for their accurate readings and optimum functionality.

A. Home Medix HM 5/10


8. Dr Morepen

Dr Morepen Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 11 Jul, 2001. It’s a public unlisted company and is classified as a company limited by shares.

Dr Morepen Limited is majorly in Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) business from last 21 years and currently, company operations are active. Current board members & directors are BHUPENDER RAJ WADHWA, SANJAY SURI, AJAY KUMAR SHARMA, AJAY KUMAR SHARMA, SUKHCHARAN SINGH and DEEPAK KUMAR DAS.

A. Dr Morepen OC-O2


9. Owgels 

Owgels is one of the leading brand in China for oxygen concentrators, and ISO13485 qualified manufacturer specialized in R&D, Production and Marketing of medical oxygen therapy devices since 2012, located in Guangzhou, China, now has 400+ employees, exports to 50+ countries, with yearly sales turnover 100+ Million USD.

A. OZ5-01GW0


B. OZ-5-01TW0 (5L) 


C. OZ-5-01 PW0 (5L)


10. Yuwell

Yuwell-Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment & supply Co., Ltd. has grown very fast since it was founded. In April 2008, the company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Then the company increased input in technological innovation and development of products with the support of the capital market. What’s more, Yuwell grew with amazing speed by merger and acquisition.

A. 9F-5AW Oxygen Concentrator


Where to buy an Oxygen Concentrator in India at the best price? Who is the Oxygen Concentrator supplier in India?

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