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VMEDO Online First-Aid Workshop
VMEDO First aid Online workshop 06-12-2020, 12:00 PM -1:30PM on ZOOM App

Every year, more than 6, 60, 000 deaths occur alone in India as a result of cardiac arrest. The survival rate is less than 1% as emergency medical services do not reach on time and this result is greater than 50% of cardiac-related deaths in India. Online First-Aid Workshop is one of the ways to reduce these deaths which are rising with the rise in population.

In today’s world, multi-specialty hospitals and medical advancements are of no use if a medical emergency service does not reach people on time, especially in a country like ours in which Emergency transportation is limited.

For this reason, we at VMEDO Believe that learning how to handle emergencies is of utmost importance.

Why should everyone learn First-Aid

These are only some of the reasons that can be listed on why you should learn first aid, but we believe saving someone’s life is enough reason for anyone to learn first aid.


Who’s VMEDO?

VMEDO is A Healthcare ecosystem, working towards a vision of Building a Healthy World

Till now we’ve helped over 23000 people get affordable Emergency Transportation and  Ambulance services, Trained over 5000+ people in First aid and Medical Emergency response, procured over 1 million units of Medical Equipment from Face-masks to Ventilators across India.

We have one of the biggest Ambulance networks in India with more than 2000 Ambulances,.

We have store and distribution centers of about 500+ different medical equipment and surgical. We also conduct Training sessions and Workshops about Various Healthcare Topics from First aid to Yoga classes.

VMEDO First aid training

VMEDO First Aid Training is personally Delivered by Certified Trainers in first aid, CPR and Accident emergency.

Our trainers are Highly Engaging, Fun & Professional. Training programs are designed to be interactive, with live demonstrations, videos, and Roleplays.

What you’ll learn in our First – Aid Fundamentals online workshop?

  • Fundamentals of First aid
  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED.
  • Handling Unconscious casualties.
  • First aid for various Medical emergencies such as Cardiac Arrest, Heart attack, Stroke, Epilepsy, etc.

Our First aid Workshop snippets.

What do our customers say?

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