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Warning Signs Your Liver Making You Fat and Full of Toxins


How many livers do you have in your body; 2 or 1?

Well If you are googling for the answer to this question, then let us save you the trouble, there are two kidneys and one liver.

The liver is a very important organ in the human body that aids majorly in controlling/ regulating the metabolism of the body and majorly also in the process of elimination of toxins in the body. Toxins are harmful substances that are present in the body or body fluids. The liver helps in making these toxins converted into non-harmful compounds that can be ejected out of the body.

Now, consider your liver to be a giant factory that has a conveyer belt, with nutrients, toxins and at times even medication; This factory makes sure that the nutrients are processed, detoxified and end products the stored to be used later or reabsorbed into the bloodstream and the toxins, detoxified and eliminated.

It is said that the liver performs around 500 plus functions, that are vital to the entire eco-system of the human body. But like every other factory – there are tell-tale signs that the body is not functioning in its perfect harmony.

Yellow-Yellow Everywhere – Jaundice

The first sign that your liver is in major trouble is the yellowing of the skin, the eyes to turn yellow. This condition that makes everything you see look yellowish means that the body is not able to effectively control the accumulation of bilirubin; that is a product of destroying old RBC’s in the body. Most doctors then lay out a strict diet plan that does not add any more pressure to the liver’s multifunctional abilities. It is best to consult a doctor to make sure that there are no other problems with your liver.

Allergies & Skin problems:

Like an overworked machine, the liver tends to give you warning signals that things are not perfect in the body. The toxins are to be thrown out of the system, if this does not happen in a natural way, the liver finds creative ways to get them out. Pushing it out as warts or allergies on the skin that are red warning lights that are flickering to raise attention. Another symptom is that there are places of painless swelling that is called as edema, that act as reservoirs of toxins that the liver puts away to process at a later time.

Dull ache in the stomach:

At times there is a dull aching in the areas near the liver that make it an early warning signal that is akin to the shout of an overworked and overlooked factory line.

There is something wrong with the Weighing scale

Wondering why, even though you are hitting the gym, doing Yoga like our beloved PM; you are still gaining weight. There is nothing wrong with the weighing scale, there is definitely a cause to look into your liver. The liver acts as a natural regulator of fat or adipose tissue. The glucose in the blood is stored in the body as glycogen and then as fat as the treasury of energy so that they can be reconverted when the need arises.  When the liver goes into repair mode, this regulation is not performed to the best of its abilities and then there is an accumulation of fat layers that form in the process, making you gain weight even when you have ticked all the boxes needed to look thin, lean and fit.

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When there are such glaring signs, it is best to consult a doctor right away, so that a diagnosis can be made into the root cause of the problem, if there are toxins that you are regularly ingesting into your bloodstream that is causing the problem or something far more serious.

It is best that we take care of this factory that exists in making our lives easier, do not ignore these signs that the liver is trying desperately to get your attention. In case there are complications and you need immediate medical attention, please contact VMEDO for medical transportation ambulances that can get you to a medical facility as soon as possible.

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