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On 2 February, in Koppal, an 18 year old was grievously injured when his cycle was hit by a state-run bus. A huge crowd gathered around, while he laid there, bleeding profusely and begging for help. No bystander stepped up to help the kid and instead resorted to taking pictures of the injured boy on their phones. By the time a good Samaritan offered help, the boy had already become a statistic on India's killer roads.

The main reason for the bystanders to not offer help is the fear of getting trapped in the cumbersome legal hassles. The irony of the incident narrated above is - Koppal is a small town in northern Karnataka, which is the only state in India to have passed a Good Samaritan Bill to encourage and protect people who come forward to help victims of road accidents.

Every year around 1,50,000 people die in India due to lack of timely first aid assistance. But the bigger problem is that only 0.5% of the people are first aid trained. The situation in Koppal could have been averted if just one person there had been first aid trained.

Hence, VMEDO has taken it as its responsibility to train volunteers as First Responders. We have also planned to train students and staff in schools with the requisite first aid skills. We ensure that the training is provided by experienced and senior trainers so that, with the first aid skills acquired, the students and staff will not hesitate in an emergency situation. A small step towards skilling the people with the right first aid technique can help take giant strides towards public safety.

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