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Mobile Mortuary Services

We provide end to end top quality mobile mortuary & body freezing services that are needed for transporting dead body for longer destinations when demanded by our clients at affordable price.

Embalming Services

We provide Embalming services for human remains to protect it from decomposition & to keep it hygienic for transportation by air/road.

Coffin Box Services

We provide coffin box services that are used for burrieding the body & for safe transporting of dead body for various body sizes & shapes. Our range of coffin box includes light weight, high quality, easy to handle coffin box services.

Washing of Human Remains

We provide washing of human remains services for all religions, caste, sex, in hygienic condition on requirement basis.

Local Cremation Services

We assist you in local cremation services that include right from transporting the dead body from hospital to home, Funeral arrangements to total cremation services with great honour based on their custom & religion upon request.

Morgue Undertaker Services

Its one of the remarkable feature of our services which gives emotional support to our clients during their tough time. Our professionals assist you in solving all concerned legal formalities to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Domsestic & International Dead body Transportation by air

We provide 24/7 assistance to dispatch the human remains by air both domestic & International destinations. We also assist you in custom clearance at Airport & documentation clearance.

Hindu Funeral Services & Arrangements

We provide total funeral services & arrangements based on their custom, religion that includes total destruction of the body (burial or cremation) or its preservation (mummification).

Christian Funeral Services & Arrangements

We undertake total Christian funeral services & arrangements right from casket covering to flower arrangements. Finally based on their culture the body is destructed or preserved (mummification).

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