Your friend in medical emergencies

VMEDO is your Tech buddy who assists you to get the right care and resources when every second counts.



To save lives by making emergency healthcare accessible & affordable.


To make emergency care accessible in 10 minutes for every Indian.

The problem

India reports over 4 lakh Medical Emergencies i.e almost 10% of the Indian population Encounter Medical Emergencies Every year. Over 80% of these emergency people lack access to timely and quality Emergency care. And the delay in Emergency care is resulting in 30% of the deaths and 45% of the disabilities. This is because people lack awareness and support to get connected to the nearest emergency care provider. Often people lose their golden hour in identifying and connecting to the right emergency care provider.

Our solution

VMEDO is on a mission to save a life during medical emergencies by making Emergency care accessible and affordable with the help of technology. We are bringing all the Emergency care providers on a single technology platform and making them easily accessible during Emergencies. One can easily subscribe to VMEDO and get assistance with Instant doctor consultation, Ambulance booking, Emergency hospital admission and other Emergency medical services during Medical emergencies. Not only individuals, but VMEDO also assists corporates to ensure guaranteed Emergency assistance for their Employees and their families during Medical emergencies inside or outside the workplace.

Our Impact

In over 8 years of operations, VMEDO has built a huge network of Emergency care providers across all the major cities in India to bring down the Emergency response time to under 30 minutes. And have assisted over 2,00,000 people during Medical Emergencies.


Our Timeline

  1. 2015
    Started BloodForsure
    to solve blood
    accessibility problem
  2. 2016
    Renamed to VMEDO and
    started Ambulance
    service in Bengaluru
  3. 2017
    Built solid tech for Ambulance
    booking and Expanded our network
    and service to other Metro cities
  4. 2018
    Expanded our network
    to Tier 2 and Tier 3
    cities across India
  5. 2019
    Started VMEDO academy to
    skillpeople in Emergency
    Response Started VMEDO for
    corporates to make workplaces
    Emergency prepared
  6. 2020
    Started VMEDO store for
    support our network
    hospitals, corporates and Ambulances
    with right Medical supplies
    at affordable prices
  7. 2021
    Started Medical Emergency
    assistance on call
    under VMEDO connect brand
  8. 2022
    Started VMEDO
    for corporates
  9. 2023
    Launched VMEDO
    EMS subscription

Our Team

We work to save lives

We are a group of individuals who strive to save lives everyday, We work everyday to make sure someone somewhere got to live longer and see this beautiful creation a bit more.

Leadership Team

The Avengers have assembled !
Meet our Maverick leadership team who gave up an easy corporate lifestyle to solve a problem that affects each one of us.

VMEDO CEO - Praveen Gowda

Praveen Gowda  

CEO and Co-Founder

VMEDO CEO - darshanmk

Darshan M K  

COO and Co-Founder

VMEDO Director - Karthik G M

Karthik G M  


VMEDO Co-Founder and head marketing - akhilesh-deshpandey

Akhilesh Deshpandey  

Co-Founder and
Head Marketing

VMEDO Director - C N Gayitri Devi

C N Gayitri Devi


VMEDO CEO - darshanmk

Shashi Kumara H.S  

Head VMEDO Academy

VMEDO CEO - darshanmk

Chetan Betageri  

CO-Founder and
Head Vmedo Store

Advisory Board

With years of valuable experience in the healthcare industry, and their belief in us as an investment
our team of advisors come in to guide us & show us the right path.
VMEDO Advisor - Dr Purushothama K R

DR Purushothama K R


VMEDO Advisor - Dr V L S Kumar

DR Prasanna Kumar S J


VMEDO Advisor - vmedo-academy-trainer-dr-pramodh-r-k

DR Pramodh R K


VMEDO Advisor - K L Mukesh

K L Mukesh  


VMEDO Advisor - Bhushan Krishnan

Bhushan Krishnan  


VMEDO Advisor - Anand Tandon

Anand Tandon  


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