Facts One should Know About Workplace Emergency Response Plans

Tips For Workplace Emergency Response Plans- VMEDO

An emergency is a situation that can happen to anyone, anywhere at any moment that poses risk to health, resources and environment. Workplace Emergencies may be natural or man-made and they include the following: Floods Hurricanes Fires or Flammable materials Toxic gas releases Toxic Chemical spills Radio-logical accidents Explosions Civil disturbances. The best way to […]

Things Need to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzeimer's Disease- VMEDO

What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that destroys the brain’s nerve cells or neurons that result in loss of memory and other important mental functions that include thinking ability and behavior. At first, someone with Alzheimer’s disease may notice mild confusion and difficulty remembering. Eventually, the victim may even forget […]

Know About The Dead Body Transportation Procedures From India to Nepal & Vice Versa

Indian cities especially New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata have a large immigrant population from Nepal, which is a very neighboring country & many of which choose their origin country upon death. Each country has different regulations and requirements for both domestic & international dead body transportation. The cost of dead body transportation can vary depending upon client’s destination, […]

How To Perform CPR on Adults & Kids ?

How To Perform CPR on Adults & Kids - VMEDO

CPR is an emergency lifesaving procedure useful in heart attack, drowning conditions where someone’s breathing, or heartbeat has stopped. It’s far better to do something in emergencies to save a life than doing nothing. Your effort of doing something could save someone’s life. Some useful tips to perform CPR: If you are not trained in […]