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construction site

First aid training for construction sites.

Construction sites are a hotbed of potential injuries, how many times have we read on news that someone got gravely injured or...
Employee safety

How first aid training will improve employee safety

Workplace hazards: a term every working individual is aware of. But talk of its intensity, well, maybe not. So, let's put things...

VMEDO First aid handbook

Click the link below to download VMEDO First aid handbookDownload
First aid certification

What is First aid certification and who needs it?

When we get injured, regardless of the seriousness the first medical help that is given to us is first aid. This may...
first aid training in bangalore

First aid training in Bangalore according to Factory act

In this article, we dive deeper into getting to know how to take first aid training in Bangalore. As we know First...

First aid training as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

First aid is an integral part of OSHA Safety management, in this article we will see the standards set by OSHA to...
First aid box contents

First aid box contents as per Factory act 1948

First aid box is a must need in every organization, it should be the most easily accessible toolbox in any building. Article...
first aid training as per factories act 1948

First aid training as per Factory act 1948

Factory act 1948 is a set of provisions provided by the Indian constitution for safeguarding the rights of employees in the workplace....
first aid training for health and safety audit

Why do Health and Safety Audits need First Aid Training Certification in India?

First Aid Training Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Audit in corporates is one of the most required and least emphasized upon...
first aid for knocked out teeth

First Aid For Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth are a very common scenario in which the one or multiple teeth get fell out of their sockets due to an impact...
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