Most people will call Emergency medical helpline/Ambulance service only a few times during their lifetimes. Having the necessary information before calling Emergency Ambulance helpline will help them in sending you the appropriate help say first aid responder, ambulance service, doctor, the nurse quickly. It can be a frightening moment, but few prior precautions that might help you to run the process smoothly for both, you and the operator.

If you are ever in a life-threatening medical emergency, it is important to have the emergency medical helpline number of your area memorized. Being composed and prepared to assist could save the victim life.

  1. Don’t Panic: Obviously, when you are calling the emergency medical helpline, you are in an emergency. But, Panic does not help, it may obstruct your speech (talking too fast, too slow, begin stuttering). Make sure you are far enough away from the emergency to be safe.
  2. Call your local ambulance helpline: Call your local ambulance helpline to say in Bangalore, an Emergency helpline number is 09343180000 or 108. Be aware that, sometimes, it takes time for the phone to connect to the correct answering point. Do not disconnect the call if you do not connect immediately!!
  3. Know what you will be asked by the emergency operator. Make sure you are aware of the following queries:
    • Where is the emergency location?

Location is the first question asked by all emergency responders to provide & send the help. Give the dispatcher your name and address. Be aware of emergency location & where you are.

  •  Nature/Type of the emergency?

Be aware of the type of emergency that you are in & the type of assistance that you want. The assistance includes medical professionals, ambulance service, firefighters or other professionals.

  •  A detailed, yet concise, description: Be aware of what happened? What should have the most importance? And why & what type of assistance you need.
  •  Have your phone number memorized: The dispatcher may need to call back for further information or to provide some useful instructions or to know where you are.

4. Listen to the dispatcher & be prepared to assist: Listen to the dispatcher & follow their instructions. The faster & better you follow their instructions, the higher the rate of survival will be. The operator/first responder might explain how to do CPR if the victim is unconscious, while help is on arrival. For example, he can instruct you first aid, or how to help a choking victim guide you on how to stop nose bleeding.

5. Know your local medical emergency number: The emergency number depends on the country that you are living in. So you should know the local emergency number memorized. The Emergency Ambulance number in Bangalore, India is 9343180000 & 108.

6. Ask for the type of ambulance that you are looking for: The operator wants to know the type of ambulance that you need. The type of ambulance includes Advanced Life support, Air ambulance Service, and Basic life support depending upon the type of emergency. In this case, make it clear about the type of emergency condition or explain the emergency, the victim is suffering from.

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Call VMEDO helpline number 09343180000 immediately for any life-threatening medical Emergency & ambulance services. These include chest pain, choking, car crash or any vehicle accident, difficulty speaking, drowning, numbness, sudden intense pain, severe burns, and other serious medical problems.


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