Top 10 Ambulance service providers in Bengaluru

May it be an emergency or non-emergency finding the best ambulance service providers in Bengaluru is at most important for the patient and their guardians. Sometimes finding the right ambulance nearby could be a challenge and could end up calling multiple vendors to find the right match which is taking as well.

Here at VMEDO, we are trying to make your life simple because we have already done all the hard work to get the best ambulance service providers in Bengaluru. So through vmedo, you can book your nearest ambulance across Bengaluru at the best cost.

TO book ambulance from your nearest ambulance service provider call VMEDO Helpline 9343180000 or you can also book an ambulance through VMEDO app or

VMEDO is an online platform to book Medical transportation services across India. You can book Emergency ambulance service, patient transportation service, air ambulance service, train ambulance service, and dead body transportation service through VMEDO. With over 200 ambulances on our network, we have served over 15000 people on the date (Aug 2019) in Bengaluru and nearby cities.

Bengaluru is a city spread across 100 km, booking an ambulance from your nearest area will save a lot of time and cost for you. We at VMEDO have shortlisted the best ambulance service providers from major areas of Bengaluru and partnered with them to run ambulance services in Bengaluru. We have already worked out the best cost with our partners to make sure our users will get the best cost for their ambulance needs.

Here is the list of VMEDO partnered ambulance service providers in Bengaluru, to book ambulance from these ambulance service providers call VMEDO Helpline: 9343180000

List of ambulance service providers in Bengaluru Bengaluru ambulance service providers Address or ambulance dispatch center
1 Aashirwad ambulance service Jp Nagar, Bengaluru
2 Darshan ambulance service Hebbal, Bengaluru
3 Maruthi ambulance service Vijaynagar, Bengaluru
4 Kumar ambulance service Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
5 Varsha ambulance service Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru
6 Yashaswini ambulance service Jayanagar, Bengaluru
7 Nandhi ambulance service Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru
8 Kiran ambulance service Rajajinagar, Bengaluru
9 Bhiraweshwara ambulance service Rajajinagar, Bengaluru
10 Karavali ambulance service HRBR Layout, Bengaluru
11 Mruthunjaya ambulance service Yelahanka, Bengaluru
12 V care ambulance service Domlur, Bengaluru
13 SLV ambulance service Kormangala, Bengaluru
14 Mahadeshwara ambulance service Byrasandra, Bengaluru
15 Srinivasa ambulance service KIMS, Bengaluru
16 Ashraya ambulance service Shankarapuram, Bengaluru
17 Hemanth ambulance service KG Nagar, Hanumantha Nagar, Bengaluru
18 RR ambulance service RR Nagar, Bengaluru
19 Devaraj ambulance service Kumarswamy Layout, Bengaluru


How to book the nearest ambulance service providers in Bengaluru?

This is how VMEDO works to book the nearest and best ambulance service providers for you in Bengaluru.

  1. When you call vmedo, VMEDO ambulance dispatcher gets patient details like age, name, medical condition, guardian name, guardian phone number, source, and destination.
  2. VMEDO dispatcher will recommend the right type of ambulance required for your needs and advise if any additional services are required.
  3. Then with the help of VMEDO ambulance dispatch management software (DMS), the dispatcher would be able to identify the nearest ambulance dispatch center or the nearest active ambulance. VMEDO DMS will give the details about the status of the vehicle and the approximate time required to reach the pickup location
  4. With the help of VMEDO DMS, our dispatcher would be able to inform the time, distance and cost for the trip to the guardian.
  5. Takes the confirmation from the customer for the trip and allocate the ambulance for the same
  6. Ambulance service provider in Bengaluru gets the trip details through the VMEDO partner app or SMS/call.
  7. The ambulance service provider assigns the ambulance, driver and all other required things for the trip at his end and allocates the same for the trip
  8. Ambulance driver does the ambulance trip and informs the same to the dispatcher after completion
  9. Dispatcher closes the trip and updates the same in VMEDO DMS
  10. Customers can choose to make the payment directly to an ambulance service provider or VMEDO.

Type of ambulance service provided by ambulance service providers in Bengaluru

Ambulance service providers in Bengaluru provides a wide variety of services to people in Bengaluru. VMEDO has partnered with all major ambulance service providers in Bengaluru to ensure the availability of all kinds of services to VMEDO users. Here is the list of ambulance services provided by VMEDO partnered ambulance service providers.


  1. Emergency ambulance service
  2. Non-emergency ambulance service
  3. Patient transportation service
  4. Ambulance service for events and corporates
  5. Air ambulance
  6. Train ambulance
  7. Wheelchair ambulance
  8. Mortuary ambulance
  9. Corpse transportation
  10. Dead body freezer box

If you are looking to book an ambulance from your nearest ambulance service providers in Bengaluru you can call VMEDO Helpline:9343180000 or book an ambulance through the VMEDO app or VMEDO website.

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