Are you and your colleagues CPR trained? Here’s why you should get CPR trained immediately.

A workplace emergency is an unforeseen situation that threatens your employees, customers, or the public; disrupts or shuts down your operations; or causes physical or environmental damage.

In a world that’s becoming sedentary, the occurrence of heart-related medical emergencies are becoming more common. Hence the knowledge of first aid for heart related emergencies is more than a necessity.

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Importance of First aid and CPR in the workplace

Reduce Workplace Accidents

One of the most obvious benefits of first aid training is that it helps improve your workplace safety.

In particular, it helps prevent workplace accidents and limits their severity when they do occur.


Did you know that US companies pay $62 billion each year for workplace injuries?

Think about the overall cost of a workplace accident–legal fees, lost productivity, and workers’ compensation, to name a few. The cost of periodic first aid training may be discouraging, but compared to the cost of injured and discouraged employees, it’s practically a spoonful of sugar.

The truth is, your bottom line can’t afford to have injured employees.

Employee Morale

You know you can’t afford to replace employees. In order to keep them, though, you need to keep your employees happy. First aid training to bolster your employee morale is a great option.

First aid training is more than a morale Band-Aid. It’s not cosmetic.

Building Team Relationships

So really, when you get down to it, first aid training is as much about building team relationships as it is about anything else. When you train your whole team at once, first aid training becomes a real team-building exercise.

Utilizing First Aid Training in the Workplace

So the real question is, why haven’t you started using first aid training in your workplace? It doesn’t just keep your workplace safe. It helps you build a stronger workplace, one employee at a time. 

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Importance of Learning CPR

  • You’ll save your coworker’s life

The most obvious and rewarding reason to learn CPR is that you can save lives. Even learning the basics can help circulate the person’s blood until the ambulance arrives.

Imagine saving a friend’s life with whom you’ve worked for years. This can be the only reason why you’d want to learn CPR.

  • Feel more confident in emergencies

Everyone goes into a freeze mode when there’s an emergency. Even if you’ve some idea you might panic. That’s why when you’ve been through proper CPR training, you’ll pretty much have muscle memory for this procedure.

  • Keep your family safe as well

CPR is not just for the workplace, it’s a human skill that can be utilized in many situations. Especially if you’ve someone with heart problems in your family, this should be something you should try to be perfect at.

  • Stop brain death

In cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood to the brain, which is ultimately called death. CPR artificially pumps the blood to the brain and keeps it active till the advanced help arrives.

Read more to know how CPR helps improve the chances of saving a life.

  • Learn a valuable life skill

You know how the saying goes, knowledge is power. Even if you never had to use CPR, atleast you’ve learned a new skill. Since it’s so easy to do, you’ll remember for the years to come.

  • Get the best of competition

Learning CPR can give an edge to your professional edge to your resume. It’s unique, valuable and useful. Also it gives off the message that you’re a considerate and compassionate human being.

There are many jobs nowadays which require CPR certification compulsorily such as Fitness trainers, Kindergarten teachers, etc. for which you can aim.

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