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Colour coding of copper pipes in Medical gas pipeline system according to NABH Standards

Medical gas pipeline systems are used in Hospitals for easy and efficient usage of Medical gases for clinical purposes. To set up a medical gas pipeline click the link below and enquire or call for further assistance.

What is medical gas pipeline system?

There will be a centralized system of gas storage which will supply gases to different areas of the hospital according to the need. Since using high-pressure cylinders of medical gases proved to be unsafe and costly. The majority of the hospitals have shifted to a centralized system in which pressure can be monitored and controlled much efficiently.

There are varieties of Medical gases depending on various functions of healthcare; we’ve listed below the major types of gases of the medical gas pipeline system.

Why are gas pipes labeled with different colors in the medical gas pipeline system?

The medical gas pipeline is a complicated system consisting of a variety of gases, it is obvious that all the gases are impossible to identify for the naked eye. Also, it is important for them to be labeled because of the sensitivity of their operations, using a different gas for a different function can cause fatal errors while treating a patient.

It is also important to code the pipes so that it’s easier to plan, install and repair.

Is colour coding of the pipes similar all over the world?

No, there are some differences in colour coding when we consider ISO and the US system of coding. In India, we follow the ISO system

refer the image below for more information

Colour coding of medical gas pipeline system

What are the different colors associated with gases present in the medical gas pipeline system?

Medical GasColour
Nitrous oxideBlue
Medical airWhite and Black stripes
Carbon dioxideGrey
Medical vacuumYellow

Role of oxygen in Medical gas pipeline system?

Oxygen is the life-sustaining gas on the planet; more than 21% of the earth’s atmosphere is filled with it. In medical gas pipeline oxygen is used to drive anesthesia machines and Ventilators. Oxygen is denoted in the color white in a medical gas pipeline system.

Role of Nitrous oxide in Medical gas pipeline system?

Nitrous oxide is used via an anesthesia machine; it gets mixed with oxygen and other gases while operating. Due to its purpose, nitrous oxide outlets are always put only in operation theatres. Cylinders and pipeline of Nitrous oxide are always denoted by Blue color.

Role of Medical air 4 bar in Medical gas pipeline system?

Medical air is also used mainly for respiratory purposes. It’s either supplied by Intake manifold or compressor system. Medical air is always represented by Alternative White and Black stripes

Role of Medical air 7 bar in Medical gas pipeline system?

Slightly higher pressure on Medical air is also used in the medical gas pipeline system. It is used in applications where pneumatic devices such as a Bone saw and Tourniquet are used. Even this Medical air is represented by Alternative White and Black stripes.

Role of Carbon dioxide in Medical gas pipeline system?

Carbon dioxide is used for insufflation purposes during open heart and other important surgeries. Carbon dioxide is also used in Laparoscopy procedures. Usually, carbon dioxide pipes are painted with Grey color.

Role of Nitrogen gas in Medical gas pipeline system?

Nitrogen is used in Medical gas pipeline to majorly drive gas powered tools such as surgical tools, cutters and saw. Nitrogen is usually supplied by compressors. Gas which carries nitrogen gas is colour coded with black colour

Role of Medical vacuum in Medical gas pipeline system?

The vacuum is used to drive suction related machines in any hospital. The negative pressure generated by Vacuum gets utilized in the anesthetic scavenging system. Vacuum pipes are coded with yellow color for better identification.

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