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An Ambulance stretcher is a medical transport device used in the extensive care of a seriously injured patient. The design of the stretcher can save the paramedic vital time in a situation where every second counts.

Ambulance stretchers are a vital piece of life-saving equipment used by paramedic operators. The operator’s ability to save a life may falter due to the lack of durability or poor design of a stretcher they are using to transport a patient. In the medical field, the potential accidents must be reduced as much as possible because that’s the last thing a hospital would want.  

The purpose of redesigning an ambulance stretcher is to provide a better quality of equipment that will aid in the rescue of a seriously injured individual. We are proud to have hired the required personnel for designing the ultimate stretcher and deliver high-quality ones within the given timeframe. 

We VMEDO being in a healthcare ecosystem know perfectly what type of ambulance stretchers are to be dispatched according to the particular needs. 

Through new designs and manufacture of stretcher’s individual parts, the dependability increases due to decreased number of accidents/potential failure of a stretcher.

When you say cost various things come into play, like the cost of an ambulance stretcher includes the cost of canvas or synthetic used where the patient rests, cost of the frame which ranges from aluminium, stainless steel to mild steel.

Problems faced during transportation of Patient in an Ambulance with Ambulance stretcher

2 equally important goals have to be met by the staff at the same time, a paramedic is looking after the patient and providing good care, and looking out for the safety of the patient with the best care so that the patient is in the best condition when he/she arrives at the hospital.

The other challenge being the navigator/pilot/ambulance driver should be as alert as possible in cutting through the city and carefully reach the destination in our case being able to reach the hospital quickly but safely. 

All of this is possible only through the safe and sound transfer of the patient from their place to the ambulance and again from ambulance to the hospital, and functional paramedics or staff. 

Average cost of a stretcher 

Basic Stretcher TypesAverage CostNet WeightLoad Bearing
Auto loader24,000 – 55,000<40kgs<170kgs
Scoop stretcher7,000 – 15,000<10kgs<100kgs
Foldable stretcher3,500 – 7,000<11kgs<100kgs
Wheelchair cum Ambulance stretcher40,000 – 1,80,000<40kgs<160kgs
Spine board4,000 – 10,000<7kgs<120kgs

With all these in place, the cost of a usual ambulance stretcher depends on its material, durability, functionality, design, and quality mainly. 

The goal of the new design is to maximize stretcher functionality and stretcher dependability while increasing comfort for the patient in order to reduce further damage due to vibrations that propagate through the ambulance caused by the uneven road surface.

Components included in an Ambulance Stretcher

  • Wheel System (mainly steel or plastic grey hub)
  • The lower frame (mostly coated aluminum)
  • Lift System
  • Lockable Gas Spring

Upper frame include

  • Pipe frame 
  • Perforated Backing Plate
  • Auxiliary wheels
  • Mattress (mostly foam or Viscose-elastic Polyurethane foam memory mattress sealed in a neoprene rubber cover)

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