How COVID-19 Is Affecting Our Daily Life?


CoVid-19 , a word which was unknown to the world few months back, is a nightmare that the whole world is living presently. A man made virus which has already bought down the world to straw and debris making thousands and thousands of human across the globe fall as its victim. Major world powers and hegemonies like USA, China, Italy and almost every other country is in it’s shackles.

As countries are devising and implementing methods to curtail the spread of the virus, the methods to outdo the outbreak have impacted the course of human’s everyday life in an incredibly drastic manner. For the first time in the history, the world has been bought to a standstill but at the same time, that is for the good of humanity. The major numbers in which a loss of life is being caused due to the pandemic would result in humans being wiped off from the face of the Earth if the measures adopted are not strictly implemented by the government of the concerned countries and adopted by the citizens at the same time.

So far Social Distancing is the only preventive measure that has emerged and that is exactly what is affecting the everyday life. It has disrupted lives all around the world whether it be the working front or the life of an individual confined in the four walls of home. The virus has posed challenges to the everyday life of people in the most unnoticeable yet significant ways. Not being able to step out for work has hampered the lives of people. Though technology has made everything available at our disposal yet whether it be education , judiciary, economy , every sphere has been disrupted to such an extent that it will affect the progress of every country in the longer run.

The way it is dominating the social media , the news channels, every conversation around us, is resulting to be such a fatal blow to the mental health of each and every individual across the globe. Sitting idle at home without having much to do is adding on the stress the people are dealing with. The incarceration preventing the people from meeting their loved ones is another dreadful aspect.

The audacious hearts including the medical health workers , the government officials, the researchers, the police force , all of these working on the front line are going through an unimaginable mental trauma everyday without letting out a sigh of complaint.

It might not sound appropriate but like every cloud has a silver lining, it becomes our responsibility to hold on to whatever ray of hope and optimism that we see gleaming our way in the already dreadfully pessimistic situation. Owing to the fearsome social distancing itself , people are devoting time to their families like never before. Most of them are using it as an opportunity to get to know themselves and their families better for in the already deranged and competition ridden world they never before did get the time to do so. The idle time is bringing out the best out of people as they see it as a chance to practice self love , to lay their hands on the skills which they’ve been wanting to try for so long but not having enough time prevented them to. The constructive ways in which people are employing their time is indeed commendable.

We are amidst a situation where our contribution can extend to extent that we do not turn out to be problem for ourselves or anyone around us. Social Distancing and global cooperation are the only ways we can combat this pandemic. We are together in this and together shall we get through this.

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