CPR & AED Training In Bangalore

“It so happened that Mr.Prasad was at home when his father had a cardiac arrest, he had a fall, was unconscious and was not breathing. Mr.Prasad was trained in first aid and knew how to perform CPR or the emergency breathing procedure. This helped save the life of his father by keeping his body functioning until the emergency medical care arrived.”

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation is a life-saving emergency medical procedure that can help save the life of a person undergoing a cardiac arrest; wherein the heart is not able to pump blood and is unresponsive. The CPR procedure of having to do chest compressions and also to keep their airways open with external support aids in keeping the blood circulation going until emergency medical aid arrives. We know that a person is under cardiac arrest when he/she is unresponsive, not breathing or having irregular breath and are unconscious. It is best to call an emergency ambulance soon and start with CPR.

It is to be noted that CPR with rescue breathing is to be performed by someone who has been trained in the procedure to do the same effect. Although in case of emergencies, one can still do CPR with one’s hands making the chest compressions. Not knowing the entire procedure must not deter you to respond and call an ambulance as soon as possible and perform these chest compression.

In the case of cardiac arrests, the heart is active but the regular rhythm of pumping blood is affected with an electrical imbalance in the heart, this forces the heart to either beat too fast or stay stuck, this condition is dangerous since it can very quickly cut the blood and oxygen supply to the brain causing death in case it is not properly attended to.

Another way to get the heart beating in its natural rhythm is the usage of the AED. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator is an external device that is used to give an electric shock to the heart to make sure it gets back to its natural rhythm. The term automated comes from the point that it can automatically detect the irregular rhythm of the heart and then provide an electrical shock to rectify the same. This device is easy to use and can be used very quickly if one has been effectively trained in the operation of this life-saving device.

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The knowledge of CPR and also the usage of the AED is almost becoming a very basic necessity since a lot of people succumbing to cardiac arrests due to no access to medical transportation and also due to the lack of knowledge among the first responders that are most of the time people from immediate family who have no knowledge of how to perform first aid, CPR or the usage of AED.

VMEDO’s first aid training programmes teach the basics of first aid and also the advanced and more important techniques like CPR and AED training in their Bangalore office. Over the years first aid training has become a necessity for people at home, schools and also at offices where one is most likely to spend most of their time. These first aid trainings help us to be prepared in case of contingencies and possibly save the lives of our near and dear ones in times of emergency.

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