One of my friend required blood urgently, we asked our friends and colleagues, we got responses but all of them stayed very far and very few actually could come in that time. We were anxious, tensed and praying that atleast one of them shall turn up and donate blood for us and end the hunt for the blood donor. We used the VMEDO app, based on someone’s recommendation and could find donors who came like saviours and helped my friend survive

A friend in need is a friend indeed. VMEDO app is your friend in case you are looking for blood donors. VMEDO app’s feature helps you look for blood donors that are registered in their application as donors with the specification of the blood group that you want to.

Blood types of all kinds i.e A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+,O- blood group, which ever is needed can be selected from a drop down list and then VMEDO checks with the location provided by the GPS in the application and lists the donors that are available with the right blood type and in the vicinity of your call for help.

The VMEDO app then allows you to send a message to them on the VMEDO app, asking them for blood donation, thereby saving you a lot of time in the process, as you have access to the entire network of blood donors that match the description of your blood needs.

VMEDO’s app also comes with the feature to avail emergency ambulances in case there are accidents and the patients are in critical condition due to blood loss. One can use the app simultaneously to look for donors in case it is needed soon and the hospital you are heading to has a very less stock of this blood type currently.

If one is interested in being a blood donor, please register on the VMEDO app as a donor, fill in the details that entail you as being an adult(18 years and above)  and being over 50 kg in weight.

In India, a large percentage of deaths occur each year since there were no blood donors who could reach in time to perform the blood donation and so many lives and dreams are lost because of that. Blood donation is a painless process despite the fears, myths and taboos that are associated with it. Donate blood and save lives.

The VMEDO app also comes with first aid steps to be performed in times of need, health calculator features, overall health tips and much more. VMEDO app is the perfect app to have on your phone that gives you the confidence of being prepared if in case you face an emergency at home, office or at school.

Download the VMEDO app that is available for free on the google play store and end the hunt for blood donors who can aid in saving your life and the lives of your loved ones with just the click of a button.


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