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‘Funeral’ is not just the word it’s a bundle of emotions which it carries with itself where the respect and service providing to the deceased shall be with the utmost care and also should be done with the way it should be done. It’s done differently in different religions and it shall deserve the utmost respect. 

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Bangalore is one of the most populated cities and fast-growing with loads of hi-tech Multi-National Companies having people from different places around the country and even the world.

Bangalore had more than 8.43 lakh people according to the census carried out in 2011 and I’m sure that that number would’ve crossed 10 lakh easily by the time you’re reading this and considering 0.01% of people die daily, we got more than 100 deaths per day.

With so many deaths taking place daily there is a constant/steady demand for quality funeral services according to their religions.

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What is a Funeral?

It is a ceremony connected with the final disposition of a corpse, it may include burial or cremation. Funerals are mainly present to remember and respect the dead. And funerals vary between cultures and religious groups. 

A funeral service most often is conducted within a week of the death occurring. Funeral services start with the chants, or mantras which are special to be chanted at funerals.

Why do we hold funerals?

  1. Allow us to pay our respects and say goodbye, imparting dignity and honor on a loved one who has passed.
  2. Propel the healing process forward. Many families tell us funerals are an important milestone in processing their grief.
  3. Allow the community to gather around the next of kin, comforting the bereaved and offering their support for the long journey ahead.

Where to hold a funeral service?

The most common locations for the funeral reception are at the home of a friend or relative, a church banquet hall, or the parlor of a funeral home. Many people also opt to use a local restaurant. When thinking about the venue you will need to consider how many people might attend.

Types of funeral services

  1. Immediate disposition: this is where the deceased shall be buried or cremated immediately after the death without delay in time and keeping the corpse around for more time.
  2. Delayed disposition: this is where the deceased is kept around for a day or two for various reasons and this shall need a freezer box, hearse van, vehicle to carry the deceased, and much more.
  3. Pre-planned/paid funerals: these services are where they intimate the service providers in advance which helps the grieving relatives not to worry much about because service providers shall be on their side.

We keep in our minds that funeral services are the last service anyone can render to a person and it should be in a desirable way so VMEDO makes sure that nothing around there goes wrong. 

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Difference between Funeral and Memorial service 

The funeral takes place in the presence of the deceased and people pay their respects.

Memorial is when the deceased is not around and people just gather to pay their respects. 

Now that we’ve gathered sufficient information about the funerals

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