How to manage stress at workplace ?

Do you often come home late from office, take off your shoes, gobble something and head straight for the bed. When you wake up the next day, are you sore and already cursing the workload that is already piling while you are sleeping here. You get ready and get stuck in traffic that just does not move.

Sounds like the exact situation you are in? Are you worried that you may be headed for a disaster, with stress taking a toll in your workplace and also in your personal life, also making you irritable and agitated?

There is a solution to your problem and it comes with following a few things that can help you alter the lifestyle of stress that you seem to have caught up with.

  • Never miss the breakfast :

A filled tummy makes you less stressful throughout the day. It is best that one does not miss breakfast. Breakfast is taken early in the morning and at a stipulated time of the day can mean the difference between a good start to the day in relation to a rather cranky start that can pile up the stress later. Once hunger strikes and adds on to the work-pressure; one is the pressure cooker waiting to blast off. It is imperative to have breakfast early in the morning to make the day start better.

  • Divide the day into segments of work:

Nothing beats stress like knowing what to expect. Stress is most times caused when people don’t know “what next”, they think and procrastinate and then compound the issues with regards to time management. It is best to segregate the day into portions to do the things that are most difficult and more time consuming first and then come to the ones that make the list lower down on the priority list. It is best to start chalking down a “to-do” list that can best make life easy and take away stress in the first place.

  • Find a let out:

Most of the times, bottled up anger, angst and other emotions can make up all the ingredients needed to take you to the boiling point. Stress may be an after effect of a bottling up too many things that need to be blurted out. Find someone in your office – a colleague or a friend that can offload that emotional train wreck from your head. It is also good if you do take up the help of a professional in case you find that talking to people you know is too much.

  • Take breaks in between:

Sitting non-stop and working non-stop may be bragging rights that you can use at times in front of friends but that can take a large toll on your body. It is best to take a few breaks through the length of the day, to switch off everything that is bothering you and relax. Maybe close your eyes and take a power nap or just wash your face and take a loo break.

It is not advised to sit in one place, as these may have lasting back aches in the long run, play havoc with your postures and make your eyes shall lose prime efficiency faster.

It is best to take a coffee break once in a while, talk to your neighbor about the weather or the cricket match, basically give your brain a distraction to reset itself from working at peak loads. It can also help you if you just get up and stretch a little to make the blood-flow flowing.

  • Stop texting while on phone:

Talking on the phone can last less than a minute and the longer meetings over Skype may be handled but the habit of messaging constantly is a distraction that is adding to the deadline that is looming in the distance. Although it can start as a distraction, it can drain the time that is available that can cause stress later on, when you realize that time has flown.

Since we spend a relatively large amount of time at office, with high-pressure situations; that at once can find you leaving everything and working non stop until you have completed your work, it can be the basis for dangerous situations with regards to health, with problems like heart attacks, fainting, and backache to name a few. At the time a general fatigue and disinterest to do work can be caused by these factors.

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It is best to keep one’s stress levels low and happiness index a little higher to avoid problems at the workplace. For more such health tips do register on the VMEDO app, keep yourself informed of these tips that can change your life for the better.


If in case you find that stress is getting too much and is giving you symptoms of a heart attack, call the VMEDO helpline to get access to emergency ambulance network that shall jump into your aid.



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