Ambulance room

How to setup Ambulance Room as per Factory act 1948

Setting up ambulance rooms as per the factory act is one of the most important things to have in any company that operates heavy machinery or employs more than 500 employees.

VMEDO is one of the premier institutions in India which builds ambulance rooms at workplaces along with that we also provide rental ambulances required for safety audits.

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What is an ambulance room?

Ambulance room is a small health center that’s set up inside any corporate which is built to be specifically used for first aid and rest.

Who needs to set up an ambulance room as per the factory act 1948?

Corporates with more than 500 employees are required to have an ambulance room with all the requirements stated above.

Ambulance room
Ambulance room

Why do we need an ambulance room?

We need ambulance rooms to carry out quick first aid during accidents. Accidents during operations of heavy machines are quite common; hence building ambulance rooms is of utmost importance.

During these accidents, it’s also important for us to know exactly where the provisions for first aid are and a place to carry out the first aid on the casualty.

Ambulance rooms are also must be equipped with nurses who can carry out regular checkups on the employees.

Personnel required for an ambulance room as per factory act 1948

An ambulance room requires a nurse who must be always available throughout the working days.

The ambulance room must be managed with the help of a medical professional and updated as per the doctor’s advice. The first aid box contents must be managed by an internal team who’s trained in first aid by an institution recognized by the state government.

Requirements of an ambulance room as per factory act 1948?

According to the factory act 1948, the Ambulance room should be a separate room on the work floor. It is supposed to be used only to carry out first aid, store first aid equipment, and rest. It should have a sufficient floor area of at least 7-10 square meters.

It should have hard, non-porous walls with proper ventilation and lights either natural or artificial means. An adequate amount of drinking water must be provided and the room should be equipped with articles prescribed in Article V

Please refer to this article to get to know more about the equipment required for the ambulance room

Guidelines for ambulance room set up as per factory act 1948?

In every factory wherein more than five hundred workers are 4[ordinarily employed] there shall be provided and maintained an ambulance room of the prescribed size, containing the prescribed equipment and in the charge of such medical and nursing staff as may be prescribed 5[and those facilities shall always be made readily available during the working hours of the factory.]

How to set up an ambulance room as per the factory act 1948?

To set up an ambulance room anywhere in India you can contact VMEDO, we have built ambulance rooms for multiple corporates at as little cost as possible.

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