Importance Of First Aid For Drivers


India witnesses around 5 lakh accidents every year, and roughly 150000 people lose their lives that come down to 400 accident-related fatalities per day. Half of those people lose their lives on the way to the hospitals due to the lack of immediate first aid response.

We at VMEDO believe that just the simple knowledge of first aid can save thousands of people affected by emergencies, and first aid training for drivers becomes a very important deal because lack of road safety awareness is the major cause of medical emergencies.

The people who usually witness these horrible fatalities are drivers, and these are some of the important reasons why they need to learn proper first aid.

  • Drivers are usually the first responders
  • Wherever accidents happen on the road, drivers are the ones who come in contact with the casualties. In the case of road accidents getting that initial response becomes a crucial factor whether the casualty lives or not.
  1. Accidents happen in remote areas too.
  • Sometimes it’s very hard to reach out to an ambulance, and it may take hours for the response to get there if any problem occurs in remote areas such as hill-stations or ghat sections so it becomes essential for a driver to carry out the specific first aid till the help gets there.
  1. Responsibility and reputation
  • Whenever a passenger travels through a bus and gets into health trouble while traveling, as a service provider that passenger becomes your responsibility. It does become a matter of reputation as your credibility as a driver or a travel agency will be put to test.
  1. It improves your confidence as a driver
  • Learning first aid not only makes you a potential lifesaver but it also gives you that extra boost. It makes you sensitive to hazards and unwanted situations and makes whatever vehicle you are driving a safe place for a passenger.
  1. It improves passenger’s confidence in you and rates you high as a driver.
  • When the passenger you’re traveling with gets to know you are trained in first aid it makes your passenger feels safe and confident. it can put yourself in a unique position amongst your peers. It can also help you rank higher on your platforms.
  1. It prevents the worsening of the present situation.
  • We always hear of instances where drivers get into a lot of trouble during accidents and hit and runs, first aid will give you the confidence to face and respond quickly in risky situations and prevents situation getting out of control.
  1. It improves one as a human being
  • First aid is not something you should get just for the sake of certificates, accidents can be prevented but can’t be eliminated. learning first aid will also come in handy if your loved ones get into trouble. so it’s always a win-win professionally and personally so

Importance of first aid certificate for drivers

First aid training and certification is mandatory for everyone who wishes to work in government-owned transport systems. People who get selected as drivers in Transport Corporation, like KSRTC require the first-aid certificate to pass the requirements.

Not only the drivers, but even the conductors who want to work in these corporations also require a first aid certification. It is an amazing step taken by the recruiters because we cannot emphasize the importance of first aid knowledge enough for the people associated with transport services.

The 5 important areas of knowledge drivers should learn in first aid

  1. How to treat fractures
  • Fractures are one of the most common symptoms that occur during road accidents it becomes very important to learn how to treat them. without proper first aid in the initial moments, the person who got affected may develop a permanent deformity or might get severely infected
  1. How to treat wounds and bleedings.
  • Treating wounds, especially bleeding during accidents is of paramount importance. it is very a very common feature that can prove to be fatal if it doesn’t get the proper care in the early stages.
  1. How to treat an unconscious casualty
  • Concussions and Head injuries are also too common during accidents. if not catered properly especially in case of head injuries the person might have brain hemorrhage which leads to certain death
  1. How to give CPR
  • CPR is one of the most common first aid technique which everyone should be aware of during accidents it is very common for a person to go into shock which might lead his heart to stop beating by knowing CPR there’s a chance to revive that heart.
  1. How to treat burnt wounds
  • We have heard of so many instances where a fire accident happened after a vehicle gets into a road accident so drivers need to know how to treat burnt casualties.


How to get first aid certification for drivers

Getting the first aid certificate for drivers has never been easier.

  1. To get the first-aid certificate you need to register with us on this link.
  2. We’ll get in touch with you and confirm the date.
  3. You can attend the workshop and get the certificate on the date of the workshop itself.

Note: If you have a group of people more than 15, we conduct these workshops at your place of convenience itself, and you’ll be eligible to get more than 50% discount on our certification courses.

What certificate will I get and what is the duration?

The certificate we provide will be compliant with OSHA (Occupational safety and health administration) and will be valid in India for 2 years.

Who will teach us?

We have a group of seasoned trainers who have trained people for years. Here’s the list of our most experienced trainers and their profile.

Here’s a glimpse of how our training will take place first aid training for drivers at SRS travels.

We believe that it’s a necessity for people who work in travel and logistics to get trained in first aid and improve themselves. VMEDO is on a mission to save lives by empowering people with knowledge, tools, and connections required during Medical emergency and we also provide first aid certificate which will be valid for up to two years. If you want to get certified as a first-aid trained driver click the link below and get in touch with us.

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