Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Imagine one of your kid had a bad fall and was bleeding? Or if your kid has a sudden case of allergies?

Or has fainted in the assembly? And the teachers know exactly what to do and make sure the appropriate first aid is given. It can come as a relief to you as parents, kids, and the school too.

In a country with a vast amount of people, out of which there is a majority of people as young kids and young adults that can shape the future of the country towards progress; a large responsibility of this rest on the shoulders of the teachers of the country. Along with the physical and the mental growth of these young kids, the teachers also guide the kids with regard to the act of empathy and overall character development.

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There is a strong need to make sure that the teachers are given the much needed first aid training, here is why:

First Responders equipped with First Aid Training:

In most schools today, there is an in-house doctor who can come to the aid of kids and the first aid but not in all schools, especially in the rural belt, we see a strong need for teachers having to learn first aid and be confident in using the techniques. Students come from various villages to one central school and walk, cycle and catch buses to reach schools. In general, even in the city, it shall take an ambulance, a minimum of 8 to 10 minutes to arrive but there is a crucial time of the first few minutes to make sure that the first responders are the teachers and they can help the kids with basic aid until medical help arrives at the place.

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Help at the school itself:

In case there are minor injuries, the teachers themselves can administer the first aid; in times of bleeding, fainting, allergies. This can prevent the kids from making the visits to the hospital to get it looked at, or having to wait to go home to parents to get it looked at.

Ease and Comfort and the Spirit of Good Samaritan:

At schools, teachers enjoy a pedestal that makes them very influential in the making of a young kid’s thought process. There are comfortable with the teacher and are more receptive to the teacher asking them to do things instead of someone who does not know them. Also, the kids learn the spirit of helping people in need, emulating the teacher in the process of administering first aid. In the long run, this can make the kids be better as first-time responders, be it for first aid or in more serious accidents be the good Samaritan and help people get access to medical care. The attitude can be fostered the best at the grass root level with educating the kids.

Scalability of first aid education:

Since a large number of kids graduate from schools, the number of teachers is the almost constant. The ideas of first-aid education and subsequent details of how to handle the situations of medical emergency can cascade to a large population of young kids with a strong framework of teachers who are trained in the steps of administering first-aid for a variety of circumstances. The teachers can become the nodes of important information for generations to come.

VMEDO in its endeavors to make people aware of the importance and the desperate need to convey this information regarding first aid, that in the long run can save lives – conducts first aid training workshops that can enable people to be more empathetic and also provide the right kind of attention to the problem at hand.

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