Just imagine that someone has met with an accident and you want to help that person but are in no position to help that person because you do not know first aid. So instead of being a good Samaritan, you will be a helpless bystander who is watching the scene upfold. Would you like it if you were the victim instead of being the bystander?

There is an urgent need to train everyone in the aspects of first aid, it is something that must be ingrained in a person’s thought process and instinct almost akin to brushing their teeth

What is First aid?

To answer this question – According to the definition in Wikipedia

First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available

If at all there is a question as to what the importance of first aid training, then the next set of points shall help clear the cob-webs.

  • Difference between life and death:

First aid is defined as the acts that can help prevent further complications of an already existing condition.

In case of burns, heart attacks, heavy bleeding, allergies or even in times of analeptic shock, the timely reaction of one or more people can help stabilize the victim until help arrives, if the first aid is given at the right time, it can help us in buying the precious time required to save a person may be in minutes or even just seconds.

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One act of kindness can mean the difference between death and life, this is reason enough for people to take to learning the steps and methods involved in first aid. Just imagine a scenario when your life has been saved because someone knew first aid and decided to help.

  • It could ensure the right treatment and prevent quacks from ruling the roost

In times when one has an accident, a major one or a minor one, we are faced with either people who have no clue as to what to be done or the self-trained quacks who proclaim how they can solve things by doing certain things a certain way. In all the chaos and confusion when each one has a different point; the first aid training can come in handy and make sure that the right treatment can reach the person.

  • Fostering a culture of empathy:

Most times we hesitate to help people because we have no idea what needs to be done in that situation, we are frozen in indecision and hoping that someone else can come and help save the day. Knowing the list of things to do when faced with a situation can mean that with first aid knowledge available a lot more people can come in to help others in need. This shall foster a spirit of empathy that is greatly needed today in this world.

It is important that everyone is given access to primary awareness or education in terms of first aid administration, be it women at home or teachers at school, to people who work at places where a large confluence of people meets, like malls, theatres or stadiums.

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VMEDO is providing a helping hand to enable everyone to learn the steps of administering first aid, with their app giving full details regarding the procedures to be done for different situations. Download the VMEDO app available on Google play store to have access to first aid at your fingertips. Also, you could join VMEDO’s first aid courses that can help you make the conscious choice of saving someone’s life.

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