Junk Food is rendering you with memory loss

Do you often find yourself binging on your junk food stack?

We all know that junk food is bad for our health since it contains little or no nutritional value but it provides ideal fodder to consume once, twice and thrice just for the sake of it. We are aware that junk food is leading to the increase in your waistline and leading to backaches and further problems.

Sitting in one place and consuming these products can also lead to memory problems, adding to the list of problems that this junk food is causing. According to the study done in the United States, an experiment conducted on lab rats, they found that junk food was causing irreversible effects in them largely indicative of memory loss due to consumption of these products.

Instant Gratification may not help you in the long run

Junk food industry is growing larger and larger by the day, with the instant gratification that these products provide, leaving you with a desire to consume some more, the average user is bound to get addicted to it and become lethargic and lazy. This may reduce the brain’s capacities, in the long run, to process new information since there is not much of activity at all that can stimulate the brain.

Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia:

Further research indicates that memory loss or the Alzheimer’s disease could very well be an offshoot of consuming too much of junk food. Certain products have the tendency to reduce the activity in the brain, by the sort of lulling it with the production of happy hormones or Dopamine. Dopamine hit leaves one feeling happy and relaxed. The consumption over long periods of time weakens the neurons and provides little brain activity that is needed to remember memories.

The brain constantly remembers and processes the memories, sorting them and re-ordering them to make sure that the ones that need to be remembered are done so when the older cells die and the new ones begin via the neural networks. The junk food places a huge risk in the formation of these neural networks by causing inflammations in the brain cells that can cause the information to be lost, these lead to dementia or memory loss.

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It is better to avoid the consumption of junk food, even if it means that you may need to consume food that is helpful to you in the long run but is not so tasty as junk food.

If the possibility that junk food is detrimental to your health, via the growing tummy is not a reason for you to stop them, hopefully, this new study shall help you decide to go a healthy diet.

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