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Emergency is a word that we don’t want to hear very often in our lives. Nobody likes to live in a state of constant panic but life is extremely unpredictable and volatile where accidents tend to happen all the time. There are various ways to prevent them and we do prioritize them over everything else but still, physical damages due to accidents are inevitable. The only way to reduce the damage during those kinds of accidents is to be prepared.

VMEDO Believes learning and following safety measures as well as being aware of some specific skillset during these accidents can save millions of lives, so we have come up with an initiative called Emergency response partnership or VMEDO ERP. Let’s see what it is about.

What is VMEDO ERP?

VMEDO ERP Is a partnership through which you can get all the medical emergency related services in one place. This partnership is specially designed for institutions and corporates who want to keep their workplace safe and sound, which will bring them a plethora of various benefits.

How does it work?

Emergencies can be resolved by understanding and having 3 different factors. They are Knowledge, tools, and connections.

Let’s say for example someone in your office had a cardiac arrest and their heart stopped breathing, you’re probably going to have 10-15 minutes of golden time which determines that person’s life. What you’re going to do in those 10 minutes is all about emergency response. In that situation, you require Connection to your local ambulance with fast response time, Knowledge of First aid to keep him alive and First-aid Tools according to the situation.

Procuring all the things can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. So we’ve started VMEDO ERP as a partnership program to provide all the three things under one place.

What is the knowledge we require to tackle emergencies?

Knowledge is an important factor that will prepare you to act during tough times. Without knowing what kinds of emergencies we might encounter and what to do in those times, we can’t tackle them.

We create intrinsic awareness among your employees through training sessions and awareness sessions. These are some of the learning aspects one should know during emergencies and some of the programs we offer under the knowledge factor.

  1. First aid and fire safety programs
  2. Yoga and wellness programs
  3. Health camps and talks

What are the tools required?

We require various tools during emergencies which will reduce the impact of the situation, and they also come in handy during treating the casualty. We setup All the Emergency response equipment and tools required for the organization

  1. First aid kit, wheelchair, and other response equipment
  2. Ambulance on rent
  3. Emergency control room and clinic

What are the connections required during emergencies?

We have 3000+ Ambulance connections in India and 350+ Ambulance in Bangalore region. We provide 24*7 Emergency assistance for your members and connect them to the nearest ambulance and hospital during Medical Emergency

  1. Ambulance on call
  2. Hospital admissions
  3. Doctor on call

We believe with these three things in place we can work with the organization to keep its Workplace emergency prepared and provide effective Emergency response on demand.

What do I get out of VMEDO ERP?

Here are the benefits of partnering with VMEDO

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical assistance to your members, inside and outside the workplace.
  • assure quality medical assistance in our partnered hospitals at any time during the day whether it’s inside or outside the workplace
  • Get Local ambulances with the fastest response time during emergencies.
  • have a large network of ambulance throughout the country once you become our partner. We will give importance to the area in which you exist and build an even stronger network around that location.
  • Get free first-aid, physical and mental wellness awareness sessions from seasoned individuals.
  • will conduct sessions related to health and medical assistance where you can get important information from people who have had substantial experience in the field
  • Get the First-Aid kit from VMEDO absolutely free.
  • the completion of a first aid program in your organization we will provide a free first aid kit which you can use for accreditation and general purposes
  • Get a free Basic Health-camp organized by VMEDO at your organization once a year.
  • conduct a free Basic health camp once a year at your place. You can get an assessment of your health and whttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.areratech.bloodforsure&hl=en_INellbeing at your place of work and that too at free of cost
  • Organizational and individual first aid certification courses which are required for various accreditations
  • aid certification is a must-have certification for any organization which needs to get various accreditations such as ISO and NBA.
  • Fire-safety training
  • safety training is a must-have for every building; we’ll take care of everything regarding that from A to Z. With certifications too.
  • Organizing these health camps and first aid training will bring your organization a unique brand status

Having the status as one of the safest places to work at will give you a great advantage over your competitors when someone’s looking to join you, it will show how much you care about your employees and you can also use this as a PR strategy

  • First-aid training serves as one of the best team building processes First aid training and awareness sessions will improve your employee’s confidence over you and gives a psychological advantage. It can be used as an amazing team-building exercise.

Who provides these services?

VMEDO has partnered up with various ambulances and healthcare organizations that provide the services we mentioned above promptly. We take extreme precautions while choosing our partners and strive to give you the best experience you deserve.

What is the cost of this Partnership?

The partnership itself is of no cost. It is free. If you want to go for the higher certifications and premium services there will cost involved.

How do I get this service?

You can directly contact us and enquire us regarding the possible partnership. For more info

Call us at 9343180000 or drop a mail at corporate@vmedo.com

We hope to hear from you soon.

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