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Latest details about Covid-19 | Covid-19 care

From the day covid-19 has started there are many things we’re learning consciously and unconsciously too.

But there always remains a sense of doubt in our self about what to use and what not to use, how to use, when, and what exactly to use.

Myths about Covid-19

The intention of this read today is to address the latest updates on Covid-19 and to clear what exactly you need at the right time.

Let’s understand what is

Oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen cylinder?

When do you need a ventilator?

There are deaths literally piling up each day in and day out

And some people are procuring these to keep emergency prepared at all times even if they do not require any of these.

So first, let us take a look at some intricate and more frequently asked around questions about Covid-19

Understand Coronavirus and how the vaccines work at ease, this documentary has explained it with such great detail  

How does the virus affect us?

Due to the virus, the air we’re breathing in is hard to get converted into oxygen. So the infection rate and the oxygen level/saturation level in our body are inversely proportionate i.e. as the level of infection raises the oxygen level in the body starts taking a hit. 

As and when an infection is spreading through the body you start feeling tired and feel weak and the saturation level decreases eventually and when it’s below 94 you need to be cautious.

Watch this video to know how to check your oxygen level

Watch this video to know what virus does to you in detail

What is a vaccine?

A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, is treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

It is advised to get one soon if you haven’t already 

Does coronavirus end after vaccination?

No, there is evidence of people getting affected by the even after getting completely vaccinated.

Can we get a vaccine soon after recovery from covid-19?

It’s recommended to wait up to 10-14 days after recovery as mild symptoms might still exist I and post Covid-19 infections might be just there in the body.

Mental health during Covid-19

It’s common to feel anxious during these times but the reality is nothing is going to change because you are worried about something right?

So always stay positive

Take deep breaths,

Calm yourself, 

Easy on yourself, 

Connect with others (virtually), 

Be kind to each other and you should feel better.

Take a look at this wonderful guide, might help 

Does vaccine hurt?

Most people will have some arm pain after getting the shot, weather head stresses, and it’s really up to you which arm you’d rather experience it in. 

If you rely on ice to ease other types of pain, you can certainly try it for a shot.

Caring for Covid-19 patients

Some great efforts have been put in by the government to prepare this which you definitely should take a look at

  • Registering a friend for vaccine

The great part of registering yourself here is that each person can register. up to 4 persons using the same mobile number or single account ID.

It feels we’ve tried answering some of the frequently asked around questions and if you feel you’re not yet informed about anything, please do feel free to post a comment and we will address that too.

Now let’s brush up on some of the “you need to know these” details

What is an Oxygen cylinder/tank?

These are metal tanks or cylinders which contain pressurized oxygen. A cylinder with an average capacity of 20 liters can fill up to an average of 1200 liters of compressed oxygen in it. 

Read the detailed blog here: http://localhost/vmedo/oxygen-cylinders-vs-oxygen-concentrators/ 

What is an oxygen concentrator?

It is a device that concentrates oxygen from the ambient air around us by eliminating the nitrogen from it and deliver the oxygen-enriched product into the gas stream.

Read the detailed blog here: http://localhost/vmedo/oxygen-cylinders-vs-oxygen-concentrators/

When do you need a ventilator?

The ventilator is only needed when the casualty is facing difficulties breathing naturally on his own and needs an external positive pressure to pump in pump out the air to and from his lungs.

This has become common these days because the alveoli which are present in the lungs start filling up with fluids due to the coronavirus and…

Read the detailed blog here: http://localhost/vmedo/what-is-a-ventilator-when-should-you-use-one/

On a serious note we request you to stop panic buying, due to the rising demand and insufficient supply and panic buying someone’s mother, father, brother, sister is not finding the right equipment and covid-19 is taking their lives.

Each life on this Earth deserves to live and strive.

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