Let’s not Hold back, Things are bad, they are significantly worse than ever before. Our beloved city is becoming the latest victim to a pandemic that has almost undone all the economic progress that happened in probably 20 years, In other words, we have gone back 20 years.

Today’s July 17, 2020, and Bangalore reported around 3000 new Coronavirus cases today, and it’s 30,000+ in the country, the scarier thing is all the media are reporting that this is only the beginning and our city still has a long way to go.

With a population of over 10 million people and the majority of them are being Lower middle class who work for daily wages, life has taken a significant hit. We are witnessing a Major exodus since more than 2 million have left the city and gone back to their native villages and small towns.

Every day we are looking at reports in which people are facing a lack of Medical facilities, sadly some have even lost lives due to this. Our Public medical system is Underfunded and underprepared. Private Healthcare is not an option for more than 90% of the population in the country due to the higher costs of treatment.

Yes, as I said it is very bad. I’ve never seen a Collective public paranoia such as this in my lifetime, which to me is worse than contracting the disease itself.

I don’t want to lie to anyone who reads this; I don’t want to give an illusion of safety. To the people who say that the mortality rate is low and it’s just flu. Global mortality rate stands at about 5% and we all know how quickly it spreads. It has already infected over 14 Million people and More than 6,00,000 people have died. That’s a huge number of human casualties; it’s clearly a major issue and should be taken seriously.

So am I trying to scare you into buying something?

No, Not today. This write-up is not about Business or Money or Advertising some product. Although you can buy our masks on Amazon 😉

The major reason for writing this article is to remind people that we as a species have overcome much bigger obstacles in history, we have always built back. We are the most resilient primates that never gave up.

The first step for any recovery starts with acceptance, we need to accept the fact that things are unpredictable and No one, not even the government knows what they’re supposed to do.

Governments aren’t responsible for any of this, they’re doing everything they know to stop this virus. We need to understand that they’re also people just like us. It’s our duty as humans to stop spreading the virus and it’s almost shameful that we need to be policed for it. 

We can look at nations like New-Zealand or Canada and think well why don’t we do that? We need to understand those models are not going to work in India due to our population and constant internal migration. I am not going to conclude that Lockdowns aren’t a solution, they do help in reducing the speed of spread and gives us time to think but they can’t be “The solution”

I am not going to say clichés like “It’s going to be okay” or “Everything will go back to normal”. In fact, if everything goes back to normal what’s the point of all this. Normalcy will change and this pandemic will be the start of something new. A major turning point in human history.

Will this disease blow over or lead to more complications in the future? What about second wave? Will there be a third wave? Will this lead to irreversible damages to our bodies? When will the vaccine be ready? Frankly, no one knows but this isn’t the time to sit and think “it’s all over, we’re doomed”. Make up your mind today to fight, never back down. Approach this with rationality and logic.

The economy has taken a major hit but I’m sure it’ll pick up quicker than ever before since the wave of Self Reliance is becoming a major point in the country’s economy.

So what next…?

Wait it out, take extreme precautions for another 6 months, don’t be afraid but don’t be too brave either. Always wear masks, wash hands and use sanitizers, Keep social distance, you know, the usual things. Like everything in life, this too shall pass. Make no mistake, you’re at war and you’re your own soldier.

Talk to me, talk to a lot of people. Don’t become isolated. It’s time to connect with nature and people. If you’re privileged share it with the world. There are various Organizations out there helping those who are in need, support them. Let this pandemic be a lesson of Compassion. Wealth has no significance when Survival is threatened.

Spread awareness. It’s okay if you’re scared and also don’t be bothered by numbers. Prepare yourself for a new world, this virus is also “Hand of God”, A Necessary evil. Only with destruction, there can be construction, every ending have fresh beginnings.

We at VMEDO have never stopped working a day since this Pandemic began; we’ve supplied PPE Kits, Masks, IR Thermometers, Oximeter, and another 36 COVID related products to Hospitals, Corporates, DHOs and many more places. Till now we’ve supplied more than 5,00,000 units of Safety materials and Medical equipment across the nation. We are also operating COVID Ambulances in Bangalore.

I’m attaching a list of different useful COVID related articles in Postscript. Share them with people you know.

Finally, My heartfelt condolences to everyone who’s lost their loved ones due to this pandemic and I am eternally grateful for the medical workers who’re ensuring our survival.

Stay strong, Brace yourself, and Act Human.

Rohith, VMEDO



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