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Rental ambulances are a requirement to be met once the number of employees in your organization reaches more than 500. In this article we are going to map the basic requirements your rental ambulances should meet to satisfy guidelines provided in the factory act 1948.

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What are rental ambulances?

Rental ambulances are ambulances which are as the name suggests rented out by ambulance operators to organizations on monthly or annual bases depending on the need.

There are various types of ambulances too, you can rent a BLS Ambulance, an ALS Ambulance, or even ICU Ambulances. Ambulances are rented out by hospitals, apartments and sometimes even corporates according to their statutory needs.

Today we are going to talk about the corporate statutory points on renting out ambulances.

Why do you need rental ambulances as per factory act 1948

Rental ambulances are a requirement for any corporates if they employ more than 500 employees or when the operation involves life threatening work.

With the help of rental ambulances it becomes relatively easy to resolve accidents. As we already know with proper connectivity millions of lives can be saved.

Personnel required for rental ambulances

Only renting out ambulance isn’t enough, it’s important to hire people to manage it too. Rental ambulances require a driver with a proven record of driving ambulance or heavy motor vehicle with a license to drive one.

Requirement for Rental ambulances as per factory act 1948

As per the schedule 4 of factory act an ambulance van or carriage must include

The Ambulance Van shall have equipment prescribed as under:

  • General: A portable stretcher with folding and adjusting devices with the head of the stretcher capable of being tilted upward.  Fixed suction unit with equipment.   Fixed oxygen supply with equipment. Pillow with case, sheets, blankets, towels, emergency bag, bed pan, urinal glass
  • Safety Equipment: Flares with life of three thousand minutes, floor lights, flash lights, fire extinguishers (dry powder type), insulated gullets
  • Emergency Care Equipment and Resuscitation: Portable suction unit. portable oxygen unit. bagvalve mask. hand operated artificial ventilation unit, airways, mouth tracheostomy adapters, short spine board. l. V. Fluids with administration unit. B.P. manometer, cuff stethoscope.
  • Immobilisation: Long and short padded boards, wire ladder splints, triangular bandage – long and short spine boards.
  • Dressing: Gauze pads: 100 millimetre x 100 millimetre universal dressing 250 x 1000 millimetres roll of aluminium foils- soft roller bandages 150 millimetre x 5   millimetre yards adhesive tape in 75 millimetre roll of safety pins, bandage sheets, burn sheets.
  • Poisoning: Syrup of Ipecac, activated charcoal pre-packaged does, snake bite kit. drinking water.
  • Emergency Medicine:   as   per   requirement (under   the   advice   of construction Medical Officer).

How to get a rental ambulance as per factory act 1948

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