How To Stay Calm During This Covid-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus spreading at an exponential rate throughout the globe has resulted in a pandemic situation in the world with many regions entering complete lockdown and techniques like self- quarantine is been implemented.

During this pandemic, the first instinct of any human is to start panicking and to fear everything going on. Studies reveal that fear emerges when we are not completely aware of the situations occurring and when or how it can affect us that is uncertainty related to a pandemic situation can make any human fear the consequences.

The key to staying calm during such situations is to stop fearing and having control over one’s emotions and that can be achieved by actually knowing the complete situation. For Eg: In this pandemic situation of the coronavirus, we all must know that the virus isn’t transmitted through the air and can transfer through touch and body contact. Thus, if we are quarantined, isolated and aren’t stepping out of home and also maintaining cleanliness inside the house, we can stop the virus from infecting oneself.

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Even after all this, one of the most important requirements is to maintain calm and to control your emotions so that one can make a well-informed decision in case of any emergency emerges.

Start following this list. It might help you stay calm:

1)   One needs to remain self-engaged and occupied at all times to stop the useless and feelings of fear to emerge in your minds. This helps you go a long way to stay calm and composed during such a situation. Use this extra time to accomplish all the things you wanted to do if you had time. Some may read a book they wanted to read for long, some may start to learn cooking, some may complete their courses and study, and some may start learning to weave, draw, paint, dance and many more activities that can be done to self-occupy.

2)   Remember that no one is alone in this, and we all together and together we can fight this pandemic too. Remember that there are thousands of medical staff available, military officers, policemen who are working overtime to improve the situation. Remember to have faith in the officials who are out, fighting the tough.

3)   Stick to a routine. Wake up on time, exercise, help in the household, indulge time on self-care and maintain a proper routine so that you don’t feel frustrated and irritated which can lead your thoughts once again towards this pandemic situation.

4)   Start talking about other topics and issues. Same talk and conversation can make you feel sick and weak, don’t commit this mistake and choose different issues to talk about.

5)   Start meditating. Start with a few minutes, increasing it to half an hour and more.

6)   Spend time with your family. Cherish this time that unknowingly is granted to everyone.

7)   Be kind to everyone outside, give a heads up to everyone and show some humanity towards other beings too.

8)   List times when you have been strong in the unknown and tell yourself that you can make through this. Understand that it is natural to feel weak, anxious but we have to take control over this and be strong. Showcase your strength to yourself. Remove the feeling of helplessness by engaging your mind and feeling strong.

9)  Have a realistic perspective. Don’t cling on to social media or televisions for long looking out for instant updates. Give yourself a break, you deserve it. Thus don’t jump to conclusions or statements. Remember nothing is certain, and so applies to this pandemic situation as well.

10)  Arm yourself with the facts. Look at the recovery rates if needed. Understand and accept the facts but also understand your duties and activities of a plan like what needs to be done and whatnot.

11)  In the end, take care of your health. Have a good night sleep, exercise well, eat properly and have a balanced diet. In this circumstance, it is primarily important to have a strong immune system and to be healthy enough.

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In short, we all need to take time off our minds from discussing the repercussions and effects of the pandemic, or anything else and start devoting time to self- care and to family. To stay busy and occupied and to make it a part of your routine can help you get off these feelings of fear, helplessness, anxiety and many more. Instead feel strong, calm and composed. Think of this time as the golden hours which no one of us is receiving again, anytime soon. Use this time to discover yourself instead (for those who haven’t) and invest this time on yourself, find your interest, find a way to pursue them and thus utilize every second of it.

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