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VMEDO- Global Emergency Ambulance Service in a Click of Button

Lakshmi, a housewife in Bangalore called for an ambulance service when her pregnant daughter Prema sustained abdominal pain. After waiting for 1 hour 15 minutes when ambulance services still hadn’t arrived through Bangalore’s high traffic roads, finally, they decided it would be better to take their daughter in an auto-rickshaw than waiting for an ambulance.

Have you ever faced any such emergency situation where you are lack of emergency medical services & delayed ambulance services?

Every year India records millions of deaths due to non-availability & delayed medical attention like ambulance services, blood, and first aid during emergencies within the “golden hour”. And the reason for this delay includes a surge in motorization, poor infrastructure, unusual ambulance costing, undisciplined drivers which cause unbeatable traffic & makes ambulance delay.

During such an emergency, finding the nearest ambulance & first responders is a cumbersome task. If you know your nearby ambulance & connecting that ambulance at that point in time could mean a difference between life & death.

Although India has its own medical emergency number like 108, 102 for emergency medical services, there is no serious platform which could address this issue & caters all emergency medical services at the user’s fingertips.

To make this process easier, Arera Technologies have come up with the solution to find the nearest Ambulance services & connecting them based on your location of emergency mainly to provide immediate assistance.


It’s all started with an incident involving a family member of Praveen Gowda (CEO and Co-founder, VMEDO), who had to suffer for a long time due to the unavailability of prompt emergency medical care in Shimoga. It was in Nov 2014, when Praveen discussed this unfortunate incident with his friend Darshan M K (COO and Co-founder, VMEDO), VMEDO was born.

VMEDO is an emerging healthcare company & one stop solution for all your emergency healthcare services launched on June 14th, 2015, with the aim of providing quick medical assistance & delivers an ambulance to advanced trauma & critically ill patients in the least possible time. VMEDO has assisted over 3000+ emergencies till date.

The different types of private ambulances that are available to book in this app include Basic life support (BLS), Ambulance Life Support (ALS), Patient Transport Vehicle (PTV), Mortuary ambulance & Air Ambulance Services…

Other than Emergency Medical Services, the app has other useful features that include,

  1. Hospital specialization and booking doctor appointments.
  2. Health tools like BMI Calculator, fat calculator, etc.
  3. Friends’ blood group list.
  4. Adding emergency trusted contacts…
  5. Emergency response button.
  6. Offline first aid audio assistance and many more.

The objective of VMEDO app is to provide one-touch access to all medical emergency services by finding their nearest efficient First responders & ambulance services in the shortest possible time by locating shorter path, than the conventional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot & to provide quick attention for the accident & trauma victim and to provide instant help for the victim.

All these services of VMEDO app are 24/7, location-based, and real time.  The person in distress or the guardian can check their nearby ambulance services based on their location by enabling GPS on the mobile phone & can connect with them using ambulance helpline number through VMEDO app. All these services are available at the touch of a button & assisting people in distress much more efficiently and dispatching ambulance services to the patient. The app has over 200+ ambulances alone in Bangalore and we are in talks to tie up with some more service provider to assist & save the maximum lives.

After the successful operation in Bangalore, by assisting over 3000+ medical emergencies, we expanded our operations in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune in recent days.

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VMEDO app has, First Aid Feature that helps you to make emergency prepared which might help someone who knew little knowledge about CPR, or first aid can step forward to help the victim before the Ambulance arrives by delivering the basic first aid to stabilize the victim.

This app also gives you the access to add your emergency trusted contacts, which are notified during emergency situations with your location details & helps in tracking the progress on the emergency incident.

The platform is designed with an intention to drive a lot of voluntary activities and to spread the awareness of Emergency Preparedness. People can register as a blood donor and as a First responder (only certified) and get intimated during Emergency.

VMEDO is a free emergency medical application for Android phones that lets you connect emergency services including ambulance, police stations, & emergency contact with just a tap. You only need to have the app installed & tap the corresponding icon to call.

VMEDO can be one of the most useful applications to help the emergency & accident victims to get the best attention from ambulance services, doctors, police, and First responders. Contact us at contact@vmedo or VMEDO Helpline number: 9343180000 / 08067335555 for more details.

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