Free Emergency Ambulance in Bangalore

Know How VMEDO Is Providing Emergency Ambulance Service For Free In Bangalore ?

VMEDO Is Providing Emergency Ambulance Service

The emergency is the life-threatening situation between Life and Death where every second count and it requires immediate response to save one’s life. In such situations, the speedy arrival of an emergency ambulance with paramedics could mean the difference between life and death for a seriously injured or ill person.
The pre-hospital care during life-threatening situations is a neglected issue in India. Although emergency medical services have improved in India by providing common emergency ambulance number 102/108, the practice of emergent care has remained stagnant, with few private hospitals not admitting emergency cases to avoid dealing with medico-legal formalities during emergencies. This problem was solved to some extent when the judicial system passed the law to provide emergency care to the victim by any & every hospital regardless of patient’s income and medical-legal status during an emergency. Failure to provide medical treatment in such emergency by any hospital could lead to a violation of the patient’s “Right to Life,” under Article 21.

Many of the medical emergencies like heart attack, stroke, and accidents recovery depend upon the how quickly you get medical care. The lack of medical attention at the time of trauma is leading to nearly 27% deaths in India annually. Thus, India requires better emergency medical services to survive and meet the growing emergency counts.

Today, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), private hospitals and Volunteer organizations in cities have come with their own EMS(Emergency Medical Services) setups mainly with the aim of saving precious lives during emergency situations & to provide pre-medical care within 10-15 minutes of an emergency to increase the chance of survival.
According to experts, thousands of these accident victims could have been saved if timely medical intervention were available to them. Thus, the need for quality EMS (Emergency medical services) in India is an unmet need for the masses.
Here are a few emergencies that require immediate medical attention to save the causalities life.
► Crushed injuries/ vehicle accidents.

► Drowsiness or unconsciousness.

► Choking or Difficulty in breathing.

► Severe chest pain, heart attack or cardiac arrest.

► Fractures or broken bones.

► Deep cuts or wounds with profuse bleeding.

► Severe Head injuries.

► Injuries to the chest, abdomen, pelvis or spine (neck and backbone).

► Severe Burn & Fall from heights.

► Poisoning & Drowning.
To address this social issue,  VMEDO Ambulance services are providing free emergency service in Bangalore during life-threatening conditions that could cause loss of life if it is not treated immediately.


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VMEDO is a Medical emergency response network where emergency health care needs are addressed through well-defined care processes by early detection of an emergency to provide immediate response to patients during a life-threatening situation such as accidents, heart attack and much more. To make this initial success, VMEDO has tied up with many hospitals, ambulance service providers, and organizations. The emergency ambulance cases are finally redirected to the nearest hospitals that are associated with VMEDO, so that the patient can receive immediate medical attention.
To facilitate a faster response to the patient, the bystander should do the following:

► your name and provide the location or the address of the patient.

► Provide few details about the patient briefly to the operator e.g.: signs & symptoms, age & any known disease.

VMEDO ambulance is a free ambulance service only if it is a true emergency. However, VMEDO ambulance also provides ambulance service for non- emergency conditions such as interfacility transfer, patient transport vehicle, standby ambulance with paramedics for events and the charges are applied based on the distance and customer specifications.

All the Ambulance will be manned by proper emergency management system trained Medical Technicians, paramedics, Driver, and 24×7 Control room operators for receiving the calls, to monitor ambulances through Geographical Information System (GIS). And the type of ambulance fleet consists of ‘Basic Life Support’ (BLS), ‘Advance Life Support’ (ALS), Patient transport vehicle, air ambulances and many more.

So next time, In the case of any medical emergency in Bangalore, please do not hesitate to contact VMEDO ambulance helpline number 08067335555. You can also email us at contact@vmedo/vmedo for any ambulance requirement. Remind yourself to stay calm because your rational actions might just save the patient’s life.

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