Deepawali is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals across India and the world. Deepawali is the time for fun and festivity. The preparations start many weeks in advance. People get their houses spic and span in anticipation of Goddess Lakshmi to visit their homes during this auspicious occasion. It is a festival of eating, lights, and joy. However, we also see and hear a lot of accidents related to Deepawali crackers which occur mainly because of the unsafe bursting of crackers and not taking proper precaution while lightening lamps. Most of these unfortunate accidents can be prevented by following some basic tips. Parents need to take some precautions to avoid such tragedies.

Here are some tips to ensure a safe Deepawali for us and our children.

  1. Instructing Your children:

Before taking your children out in the open to burst crackers, it is highly important for you to instruct them about the usage of firecrackers and educate them about the appropriate ways to do so. Supervising them while they are having a fun time with crackers is of utmost importance. Keep small children away from the bursting area.

  1. Store your fireworks safely:

Store your fireworks in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children and pets, and certainly away from all sources of heat. Access them only when needed. Locked away is best.

  1. Handle fireworks with caution:

You must purchase Fireworks from a licensed shop, legal manufacturers and ensure that you go through the instructions before actually bursting them. Good quality firecrackers reduce the risk of a dangerous mishap. Ensure proper distance from the fireworks away at a distance while they are lighting them. Never try to re-ignite fireworks that don’t light in the first instance and also do not light the cracker holding it in your hand.

  1. Watch what you wear:

To avoid any accident with fire it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes and stay away from the synthetic material. Don’t wear loose clothes like sarees, frocks, anarkalis and those made with inflammable fibers like nylon and terry cot.

  1. Pets hate bangs and flashes:

Pets are a part of the family for animal lovers. But Deepawali can be an agonizing time for the animals due to the extreme noise all around. You should take precautions to protect your pets during the times when fireworks are likely to be set off. So, try not to leave your pet alone and do keep them away from firecrackers and take care not to frighten them with the fireworks. Keep them indoors so they can stay calm.

  1. Keep water and first aid handy:

A first aid kit should be handy while you or your kids are enjoying the fireworks. In case there is a minor injury, it can be treated immediately at home. Also, have a full bucket of water handy for any emergency. In the event of a fire, extinguish the flame by pouring water from the buckets.

  1. Keep away from overhead electric lines, trees, and Vehicles:

Never light aerial fireworks like rockets under overhead electric lines and trees, and do not light any fireworks close to plants; the heat will sear the leaves. Park all vehicles away from the area of ignition of fireworks, and ensure that all windows to cars are closed. Train children to light fireworks away from vehicles.

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