Ambulance number in Bangalore

Ambulance Number in Bengaluru

Looking for ambulance numbers in Bangalore? Look no further – VMEDO has you covered. In the bustling city of Bengaluru, emergencies can strike unexpectedly, underscoring the critical need for prompt access to medical aid. Whether facing a sudden health issue or a street-side medical crisis, having the right ambulance number on hand can be a life-saving necessity. Here at VMEDO, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable ambulance services across Bengaluru, ensuring your safety and security. Call our Ambulance Number  in Bangalore: 9343180000 for immediate ambulance assistance.

Types of Ambulance number in Bengaluru :

Government Ambulance service Number in Bangalore : 

The 108 ambulance service stands as a beacon of hope, tirelessly operating 24/7 to provide crucial emergency medical aid to individuals across various medical conditions and situations. Whether it’s a sudden injury, a critical illness, or any other medical emergency, the highly trained professionals at 108 are dedicated to swiftly responding to calls and delivering prompt care to those in need.

Hospital-Specific Ambulance Numbers : 

In Bengaluru, numerous hospitals prioritize patient care by offering dedicated ambulance services tailored to their facilities. These specialized ambulance services play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transfer of patients, particularly for inter-hospital transfers or specialized medical treatments. Recognizing the importance of accessibility in emergencies, it’s advisable to keep a record of the ambulance contact numbers for hospitals frequented. However, for added convenience and peace of mind, platforms like VMEDO step in to assist individuals by facilitating ambulance scheduling, thereby ensuring prompt assistance during critical moments. Whether it’s urgent medical attention or planned transfers, these services underscore the city’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions while prioritizing patient well-being and convenience.

Private ambulance service numbers : 

Apart from the government-operated ambulance services, Bengaluru residents benefit from the presence of various private ambulance operators, with VMEDO standing out as a prominent provider for the past seven years. Offering a comprehensive range of ambulance options, including basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) vehicles, VMEDO ensures that each ambulance is equipped with essential medical equipment and staffed by highly trained professionals. Whether it’s responding to emergencies, facilitating inter-hospital transfers, or arranging medical repatriation, VMEDO’s dedicated operators play a pivotal role in ensuring swift access to medical assistance for individuals across Bengaluru. Their commitment to reliability, efficiency, and compassionate care underscores their importance within the city’s healthcare landscape, providing reassurance to residents during critical moments of need.

List of ambulance numbers in Bengaluru :

Government Ambulance Number


VMEDO Ambulance Number


Columbia Asia Ambulance Number


Manipal Hospital Ambulance Number

080 2222 1111

Sakra Hospital Ambulance Number

080 4962 4962

Sparsh Hospital Ambulance Number

080 61 222 000

Fortis Hospital Ambulance Number

96633 67253

R V Aster Ambulance Number

80660 40400

Narayana Hospital Ambulance Number

80675 06912

Apollo Hospital Ambulance Number



    Type of ambulance service in Bengaluru : 

    In Bangalore, various ambulances are available to cater to different medical needs. Some common types of ambulances include :

    1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance: Equipped with essential medical equipment and staffed by trained personnel to provide basic medical care and transportation for patients with non-life-threatening conditions or injuries.

    2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance: Equipped with advanced medical equipment, such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and ventilators, and staffed by paramedics capable of providing advanced medical interventions, including airway management, intravenous therapy, and cardiac resuscitation. ALS ambulances are used for transporting patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

    3. Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Ambulance: A specialized ambulance equipped with intensive care unit (ICU) facilities, including advanced life support equipment and medications, to provide critical care during transportation. MICU ambulances are staffed by highly trained medical professionals, such as critical care nurses and physicians, capable of managing complex medical conditions and emergencies.

    4. Cardiac Ambulance: Dedicated to transporting patients experiencing cardiac emergencies, such as heart attacks or cardiac arrhythmias. These ambulances are equipped with cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and other specialized equipment to provide rapid assessment and treatment of cardiac conditions en-route to medical facilities.

    5. Air Ambulance: In busy Bengaluru, air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and well-trained medical teams to ensure rapid transportation of critically ill or injured patients. With helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft always available, these services are effective in providing timely medical assistance and saving lives when every second counts.

    Cost for different ambulances in Bengaluru : 

    The cost of different ambulances in Bengaluru may vary depending on factors such as the type of ambulance required, distance and other medical services required. Below is an overview of estimated costs : 

    1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance:

    • Short Distance (within a city): INR 1,000 to INR 3,000
    • Long Distance or Peak Hours: Higher charges may apply.

    2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance:

    • Local Transportation: INR 3,000 to INR 6,000
    • Inter-city or Long-distance Transportation: Higher charges based on distance and duration.

    3. Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Ambulance:

    • Higher charges due to advanced medical equipment and specialized staff

    4, Cardiac Ambulance:

    • Cost depends on the level of cardiac care provided during transportation

    5. Air Ambulance: 

    • The costliest option due to aircraft and specialized medical equipment
    • Charges vary significantly based on distance, aircraft type, and medical services provided


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Private ambulance number in Bengaluru :

    1. Free ambulance service number?

    • 102 & 108 are free ambulance services provided by the government. You can call 108 for Emergency ambulance , call 102 for mother and child ambulance.

    2. How do you call a private ambulance in Bengaluru?

    • To book a private ambulance in Bengaluru Contact on 9343180000 or visit VMEDO website 

    3.  Are private ambulance services available 24/7 in Bangalore?

    • Yes, VMEDO provides 24/7 ambulance service all over the Bengaluru city.

    4. What is the most common number for ambulances?

    • It is 108 and 9343180000, these are the most common numbers for ambulance services throughout Bengaluru. 

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