It takes just one phone call to give a person’s life a waiting chance. Calling an ambulance can and performing first aid if needed can mean the difference between life or death to the person or persons involved in accidents. In the cities, there is a higher possibility of ambulance services that can be found in areas of need. But is it the same in rural areas?

In general, for a long time, the accessibility to ambulances was a big question. Where there were roads, there were no ambulances. Where there were ambulances there were no ambulances and then when they had roads and ambulances, there were no hospitals – meaning that a large number of accidents would eventually turn out to be causalities since the ambulances could not reach the place or the hospital in time.

This golden hour, that most important and crucial time after an accident within which a patient needs to be given treatment so that there is minimal chances of further complications and lives can be saved. Now with better connectivity and the landscape of roads changing in both the rural and the city areas, the situation at rural villages is improving in leaps and bounds. The same momentum is being carried in the sphere of emergency medical transportation with the hospitals and nursing homes cropping up in various villages and the outskirts of the city.

The healthcare sector largely needs a unified approach when it comes to ambulances that form the lifeblood of the medical transport system that exists today. There are quite a few private ambulances that operate with varied aspects of rates and accessibility. This is where VMEDO comes into the rescue helping them bridge the gap between the availability of ambulances and the ease of booking them at one touch of a button.



VMEDO’s mission to help save lives with better health care and to provide easier access to medical transport facilities has led them to tie up with various private ambulance vendors that come under their fleet of vehicles. The booking of the ambulance for both emergency and non-emergency services is made possible at just the touch of a button on their VMEDO application that is available for free for all of us to register.

Now there is a better chance for people in rural areas to get access to medical transportation services with VMEDO’s fleet of private ambulances that operate all over the country.

In rural areas there are a lot of snake bites, even with the first aid for snake bites being administered, there are a lot of deaths that happen solely because there was no possibility of getting the person to a hospital. Also, in the state highways that pass through various village corridors, there are a lot of accidents and lives lost owing to similar reasons that the ambulance could not come to their aid in the golden hour, or that they were not able to know exactly where the accident has happened. VMEDO is set to be the game changer here in this regard since the application also records and relies on the GPS location provided, thereby enabling a fast and accurate ambulance service that can further make the odds better for survival.

VMEDO also offers a wide range of non-emergency ambulance services that such as interfacility transportation of patients, transportation of bedridden patients, transportation for the elderly citizen in their regular routine checkups to far off medical facilities. It also provides a list of first aid techniques and steps to be used to spread awareness when in case of accidents, this can add that crucial minutes to the race for survival of a person who has had an accident. Download the VMEDO app now and get access to emergency medical transportation services even in rural areas.


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