How good is emergency Ambulance services in India?

First of all, a lot of us are guilty of asking this question, only when there is a need for us to book an ambulance. So, without further ado, let us shed light on the situation at present.

The answer to this question deserves a rather elaborate answer.

India is referred to as the sub-continent and has a huge population that goes in hundreds of crores, the ambulance to people ratio in the country is lower than the expected number. There are a lot of deaths that happen due to accidents all over India, the primary reason being the lack of medical attention given in the golden hour after the accident. Blood loss and other injuries are a major cause for death, but what is alarming is that people are not aware of the first aid steps to be followed to give people that extra minutes of fighting chance.

Deaths also occur since, people are afraid to help people in need, afraid to be good Samaritans when people are asking for help and add the ones who help are faced with the acute shortage of ambulance services since they are already crunched with many such calls.

The ambulances from the govt hospitals are almost always busy, there are other vendors of ambulances that operate in the private sector but it becomes a nightmare trying to find an ambulance that is available in the present location of need. It boils down to luck and getting the right ambulance that can get the person to safety and emergency medical treatment.

The situation does not look as bleak as it sounds here, there is a ray of hope in the form of VMEDO.VMEDO’s mission to provide a platform for emergency medical facilities to be availed at the touch of a button is dynamically changing the scenario of the ambulance services today. VMEDO ‘s application and their emergency hotline can help you get an ambulance faster and help save more lives.

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Their emergency hotline can be accessed all over India, once a call comes through, they shall get in touch with their fleet of private ambulance network that is available in the area near you, the app shall get a very real and reliable GPS co-ordinate to which the ambulance can reach. This one-stop solution thus integrates the scattered private ambulances to come under a common canopy and regulates the booking of ambulances. This method is the best since it provides a single number to contact the ambulance services in case of an emergency like the 911 in the US, in India, we can rely on 108 or the VMEDO’s hotline number (9343180000) or application.

VMEDO also offers a list of other medical transportation services in the non-emergency sector too, with long-distance ambulance services such as booking of air ambulances, ambulances for geriatric care, bedridden patients and neonatal ambulances as well. All of the above can be accessed via the VMEDO app that is freely available for download in the Google Playstore. VMEDO has helped in largely boosting up of the emergency ambulance services in India providing many more lives with a fighting chance of survival.




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