Ambulance stretcher manufacturer in india

Ambulance Stretcher/Auto-loader Manufacturers in India

If you are reading this here then we’d like to let you know that you’re in the right place to know where exactly to find the autoloader/ambulance stretcher manufacturers in India.

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Since there is a steady demand for ambulance stretchers/auto-loaders everywhere which
come in hand while shifting patients from the accident scene to a hospital or any reasons for that matter.

Stretcher plays a vital role in an ambulance without which there might be some serious repercussions that might even follow you throughout your life.

Watch this video to know how things can possibly go wrong when the emergency is assisted the wrong way!

Ambulance stretcher/Auto-loader manufacturers in India 

Indian Healthcare Company
Brite products
Arora Enterprises
Rizen Healthcare
Global Meditech
Quick Fab Industries
Vijaya Orthocare & Supports
Universal Surgical Equipment Co
R K Surgical Industries
G C Chandra and Co

EMS stretchers (Emergency Medical Services) are used in ambulances that have heels that ease the transportation over pavements, they even have locks and straps inside the ambulance to provide safety for the patients traveling from one place to another. An integral lug on a stretcher is attached with three latches inside the ambulance.

What is an Ambulance Stretcher or an Auto-loader?

Ambulance Stretcher or autoloader is an apparatus used to move patients who require medical care.

A basic stretcher known as a cot or litter is carried or assisted with 2 people/paramedics in a particular case.

A wheeled stretcher is commonly known as a gurney, trolley, bed, or cart is often attached with variable height frames, tracks, and wheels.

  There are many types of stretchers, some of them are 

  • Basic stretcher: This is the most elementary type of stretcher made up of canvas which is suspended to two poles/aluminum tubular frame.
  • Folding stretcher: It is also known as a top deck and collapsible stretcher which is similar to the basic stretcher design but easy to store and transport.
  • The Roberson orthopedic stretcher: Which is also called Scoop stretcher 

Major challenges in an ambulance without an auto-loader/stretcher

  • A patient can’t rest comfortably
  • Difficulty to provide oxygen to the patient
  • High chances of losing life without quick shifting of the patient
  • Since the casualty should be well-rested while transporting to the hospital to avoid injuries such as spinal cord injury.

The use of scoop stretchers can significantly reduce the time and improve the efficiency and quality of care.

Usually the patient’s vital signs changes due to excess travel time which is not likely expected to happen before the treatment which makes it difficult for the attending doctor to assess the situation.

Basic Types |Ambulance stretcher manufacturers in India

  • Simple stretcher: It is the most rudimentary type, made up of synthetic, canvas, or other suitable material attached to the aluminum tubular frame which helps transport a causality by 2 others holding it on either side.
  • Foldable stretcher: They are also known as a top deck or collapsible stretcher which reassembles a simple stretcher that is compact and easily stored.
  • Scoop stretcher: Robertson orthopedic stretcher as commonly known is used to lift patients, which is easily detachable at both ends, and the halves are placed under the patient on either side and fastened back together for shifting them onto the ambulance stretcher or spinal board.

Should be careful with obese patients as there are chances of pinching them at the back while fastening which is quite painful.

  • Basket stretcher
  • Stair chair
  • Wheeled stretcher
  • There are many more types of stretchers, to know all of these in detail click the link below

Ambulances can be late to the destination or place of any sort of emergencies, so before the ambulance reaches you should be able to at least assess the situation and provide basic first aid which can even save a life.

Basic first aid like CPR and more.

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