How Emergency Preparedness can Transform your Company?

How consciously have you invested every single penny in your company? Why should you pay heed to emergency preparedness for your company?
Disasters and calamities come swiftly like wind, but are robust enough to blow the resources of your company or organization with a single shot. These unpredictable events leave detrimental effects on the whole history of a company.

The Puerto Rico Earthquake (2020) and the Tropical Storm Karen (2019) are the testimonies that about 500 enterprises and small businesses suffered and are still suffering severe economic depression around the years.
Surveys of many agencies and organizations like that of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have shown that approximately 40% of small enterprises and startups left the business arena after the impact of disasters and calamities.

emergency preparedness

A proper emergency preparedness transforms a company to a resilient instead of being perilous.

How does it Help for your Company’s Growth?

Analytic data has shown that the success rate of companies supplied with
emergency amenities is higher in comparison with companies that lack any such systems in their administration. One genuine reason could be that, dedicated esteemed and skilled employees are willing to join companies that offer job security while working.

Better employees bring supplementary growth in the overall functioning. Emergency Preparedness in Big Enterprises which are already successful in their business need to be conscious about emergency and disaster management? In which way it is beneficial for them?

Disruption due to sudden accidents and disasters are quite prevalent in big
enterprises. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety about
one-fourth (25%) of the total big enterprises fail to attain the same pace after surviving a major accident and disaster in their workplace.

Big companies and enterprises undertake a lot of unlimited work under one roof. As per the new trends of technological advancements in the business sector, high machinery is equipped in place of manual workers. This introduces more hazards and accidents in this sector.

Proper emergency system can provide some aid.

Customer Satisfaction Companies especially insurance companies and depositing companies need to build up a special customer satisfaction reputation in society. Bankrupting due to disaster and failure to serve approaching clients carves a deep awful scar on the image of the company in the arena. report of the University of Calgary shows that the Calgary flood of 2013 made 18 insurance companies go bankrupt in the same year consistently.

Cost Efficiency and Business Continuity Aids

It is quite obvious every company looks for a cost and time-efficient deal and tries to save each penny for the investment. Setting up and planning emergency aids costs about 85% less than that of renovating the workplace after the impact of an accident or the calamity.
Long term loss of work may be the worst nightmare for any administrator. Any disaster comes up with a wide loss of such prime necessities on a large scale.

Supply Chain Disruption and Communication Barrier

It takes decades for a new startup to build ideally strong communication channel and supply chain with other organizations. Emergency preparedness ensures integral connections with raw material suppliers for a long business time. Communication barriers exist in lots of forms but estimations show that communication barriers introduced due to disasters last longer than any of the business disaster ever prevailed.

Emergency preparedness should be considered as a necessary investment rather than just a secondary need. Companies might be mistaken to consider this as an on-essential investment to adeptly tackle any such natural calamities or accidents. Unprecedented abnormalities can be effectively dealt with, provided necessary preplanning and proper execution of the same is done beforehand. Emergency preparedness in accordance with national strategies is indispensable for bolstering a company’s holistic growth and development

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