higher risk of being awake over night

Being a night owl may be killing you

Some of us are nocturnally active, whether it is late night parties, the binge watching of television series or just the quietness of the night that lets us work late into the night finishing off work that has been long pending.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy wealthy and happy – This idiom may not be ideal right now when the world stays up for the entire 24 hours of a day. But sleep is a must to keep the body in prime shape since, at that time, the body can relax and repair old or torn tissues and help relax the brain and recharge it.

If you are one amongst the night owls, who tend to sleep very late into the night, irrespective of the reasons for it, you may need to check on these habits, these may be putting you in some danger.

A study regarding the sleeping patterns of people has gone on to reveal that people who are night owls or people who pull all-nighters are at a higher risk of dying than the ones who follow the normal sleeping patterns.

An eight-hour sound sleep may not be happening if you happen to come back home from the office and need to head back there to make the software delivery that you must at all costs make; or having to pull the night shift consistently, thus losing out on sleep.

The body’s natural clock is tuned to wake up to the sun’s presence and turn off after sundown but today’s hectic work life may be eating into the time after bedtime generally after 10.00 PM; the sync to this new pattern of waking up early and sleeping late is definitely adding to the stress for the entire body, with the tiredness, hangovers, and headaches sapping the energy out of you.

These habits stress, lack of sleep and eating at odd times – being contributing factors for heart-related ailments.

It may be also noted that the backlight on the phone or the laptop, makes for a reduction in the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, which also can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythms.

This lack of sleep can lead to a range of physical, emotional and psychological problems that eat away at your life expectancy.

But not all is lost, if you are a night owl, you could still make that transition to sleeping early by adapting to a new habit of meditation or breathing exercises before sleep, that can help calm down your mind into a deep state of relaxation that can help you sleep earlier.

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Although it may sound difficult, it is recommended not to use a mobile phone or not to keep them with you while sleeping, as they may be compounding your lack of sleep.

A conscious thought of sleeping early, warm and cozy without snoring, can be a thought you would love to entertain, but if things head south and you do suffer from medical ailments due to lack of sleep, VMEDO helps you get access to medical facilities with emergency medical transportation; available at your fingertips.

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