We spend close to around sixty percent of our work at the office. Most of us are either fully seated at our desks or standing and working for most of the work duration. A large percentage of us suffer from at least one form backache.

There are various factors that can be the source of a backache, that most of us often find ourselves with.

It starts off as a small niggle and then blows itself in the face as a full-fledged backache that can leave you with being able to do nothing, not even move.

Like every problem, there are a lot of solutions for this too.

A break can help your Mileage:

Take a break and move around for a few minutes, stretch your muscles – This reduces the tension and the pressure on your lower back, it also helps reduce the stress on your buttocks by getting the blood flowing there.

If you are in the line of work such as long-haul drivers, it is recommended that you take a break during your trips and not keep the one standard position.

 Maintain the right Posture while sitting:

It is also recommended to keep your monitor at the eye level, this reduces the stress on your neck and the upper body. Since the spinal cord also passes through the neck area, it does have a significant impact on back pain. Maintain a relaxed posture, choose a chair that has an armrest preventing slouching, and a holder to rest your arms too are equally important.

The right posture is very important since a too uptight or too slouched back can lead to more problems in the future.

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For pregnant women especially, it is highly recommended to have a chair that has a backrest and an armrest and a cushion on the chair to help reduce the pressure on their lower back during pregnancy.

Lower backache can be avoided with easy steps by standing up from a fixed position every thirty minutes, it is especially helpful to stay active and not sedentary.

In a workplace where a lot of work gets done by sitting at one place, backaches can be a really difficult pain to adjust, which when ignored can be detrimental to your health.

Remember to stay healthy and free of back aches at the office by following these simple steps.

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