Difference b/w Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest..!

Thousands die each year due to heart attack and cardiac arrest. For some of them, the symptoms are seen too late and for many more in that long growing list, it is still a problem of having no chance of survival and treatment due to the lack of knowledge on emergency response and also emergency medical transportation.

 Are you among those reading this and wondering about why there is a mention of heart attack and cardiac arrest made separately? Is there a difference between these cardiac arrests and heart attack?

Yes, there is a fundamental difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack.

 How does the heart work?

Let us explain this concept in the most simple of forms.

 The heart pumps blood all through the body, the heart acts as a mechanism wherein it pumps blood through the arteries carry oxygenated blood and veins bring back the blood to the heart carrying deoxygenated blood. This process keeps the body functioning in perfect synchronization.

Additionally, the heart as a machine is perfect sync and works on a rhythm of systole and diastole. This mechanism is controlled via electrical signals that keep the heart functioning, creating the right atmosphere for the heart to continue functioning.

 The difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest lies in the concept explained above,

In heart attack there is a problem of blood flow, due to constriction in the pathway for the flow of blood, blood does not reach parts of the heart, basically cutting off parts of the heart from oxygen, gradually making the part to die or wither away causing no blood flow into those areas.

 The cardiac arrest can be random, it can strike anywhere and to anyone. It can happen suddenly at any random time when the electrical rhythm of the heart goes off the beat or goes haywire. The heartbeat becomes irregular and can cause instant loss of consciousness and loss of breath.

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 What to do in case of heart attack and cardiac arrest?

 In case of a heart attack, it is absolutely imperative that you get them to a medical facility as soon as possible. Call an emergency ambulance as soon as possible. There are certain telltale signs for heart attack such as heart palpitation, continuous pain at the left shoulder and many more. 

 Cardiac arrest is sudden and is normally coming with loss of consciousness and no breathing. Call an emergency ambulance as soon as possible and perform CPR on the person. This emergency breathing technique coupled with chest compressions is aimed to make the heart get back to its natural rhythm of pumping. Book an emergency ambulance via the VMEDO app and continue to perform CPR until help arrives.

 What is the VMEDO app and what else do they do?

VMEDO is a company striving to bring emergency healthcare and medical transportation to the masses with easy access and affordable prices. The app developed by the company allows you to book an ambulance at the touch of a button, they scour through their network of ambulances and aid in providing you with an ambulance in critical moments.

VMEDO also conducts first aid classes for everyone interested to learn this most important of techniques, helping you with hands-on learning of CPR and also the usage of an AED in case of cardiac arrests.


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